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I reported a project a few times which said bad things about Scratch moderators, but it hasn't disappeared.
As well as it being ban evasion, new accounts usually get banned easier.

-HolographicCheetah- wrote:

So I think you should give people one more chance before you ban them, and that you should make it do that the filterbot doesn’t make us be able to not chat for the rest of the day when I and others are just sending a thank you message or hearts like this, <3 or a face like qvq but that is not a valid reason to do this to some scratchers that didn’t deserve to have comments turned off for being nice by saying thank you. Also, if you don’t change THAT, then at least change it so you can comment an hour after instead of THE ENTIRE REST OF THE DAY. I just feel that you should at least do a few of theses things, I truly feel that they would help the scratch community and we would all appreciate it.
say [this needs to be fixed PLEASE] for (4) secs
If you can't live for a day without making a comment on Scratch, there must be a problem. Maybe that tells you something, not to spend ages on Scratch all day. The ‘banned messages’ that you said about are usually used in spam messages, so are not encouraged.
I don't know if it has anything to do with this, but you sometimes have to add the whole project name instead of just one word from the title, however it seems you've searched for the whole project name. It seems that for some reason all the search results have a longer project title than yours.
For the project:
The Scratch Team has removed this project because it appears to be an exact copy of someone else's original. It's fine to remix someone else's sprites, scripts, or images, but you must be sure to add your own ideas, and give them credit in the project notes. If you want to re-share it, make sure you describe what you changed in the project notes.
822: Is this TOO creepy? at 2:16:21 PM 17/8/20204335846
I don't see anything wrong with that. It should be okay - even the ‘rage face’ that everyone's profile picture was set to on April Fools' day was worse than that.
821: Bans at 5:44:22 PM 16/8/20204333689
There are also different lengths of temp ban. 24hrs, 48hrs, 72hrs.
820: You know all those dead accounts... at 5:42:56 PM 16/8/20204333682
Because those accounts were made when there were still good usernames available that you didn't have to add random numbers or dashes to the end of if you wanted a specific username.
819: What's this? at 5:26:24 PM 16/8/20204333631
This is a common glitch which happens all the time.
818: I think someone copied my project... at 5:24:30 PM 16/8/20204333626
You said that it was almost identical, which doesn't mean you can report it - it wasn't an exact copy. if it was exactly the same, report it. However, it may have just been someone who had the exact same idea as you.
New accounts with names themed around Coronavirus are banned because they usually make fun or be disrespectful about COVID - either that or they're just spam accounts. However, the older accounts won't ever be deleted - how would they know that this Coronavirus would happen?
816: what at 4:18:08 PM 14/8/20204327165
There are already numerous topics about this. I've seen this loads of times before, it's not strange or uncommon.
It doesn't really matter if you just get one alert, because nothing happens. It only gets bad if you do whatever it was that was bad over and over again.
People who make platformers know that they will get popular.

itschaoticcrazycat wrote:

I'm a new scratcher. Hi.

RISINGSTAR321 wrote:

Hello im new to scratch

jacenormanwho wrote:

i am new
Hello everyone

squareT327 wrote:

when green flag clicked
if <> then
set [welcome scratchers v] to [hi]
set pen color to [#f81225]
set pen color to (thank you)
define hi
move (hello new scratchers) steps

Do not blockspam here!
811: getting banned at 4:54:18 PM 10/8/20204313659
You will need to log out to see your shared projects. If you want to see your unshared projects, go to your search history and find the project id. You can then go to forkphorus and insert the link, and you will be able to view it.
810: Who is kaj and who has seen kaj? at 11:58:01 AM 10/8/20204312701
If anyone is interested, kaj's profile can be found here -

-CreativeMonkey- wrote:

Hi I am new to Scratch! I love Star Wars and animals! <3

Mojosank wrote:

Hello everyone! I am new to Scratch but have already made a few projects and a studio! Check it out here:

-Mobile- wrote:

I'm -Mobile- I'm really excited to start creating on Scratch. As I'm new I would love some feedback on my games (I won't link them here because I don't want to advertise). Thanks!
808: What is leanscratch? at 6:04:32 PM 9/8/20204310430

ninjaMAR wrote:

Basic88 wrote:

It's a S C A M.
People are trying to steal your login.

HW_Games wrote:

Why else would there be an Chinese copy website?
To get around “the great firewall”. I think Scratch is allowed in China though.
Why would scratch not be allowed in china and do not go on to leanscratch as it could be unsafe
Look at the stats for China, it's obviously not banned.