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38: Cubeupload Question at 6:50:01 PM 19/10/20204520036

Super_Scratch_Bros20 wrote:

p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p- wrote:

This isn't a QaS, reporting to be moved…

It doesn't fit in QaS either. Even if Scratch allows CubeUpload, questions about making CubeUpload accounts have nothing to do with Scratch.
At least it’s about image hosting for Scratch.
37: Cubeupload Question at 6:48:51 PM 19/10/20204520028
Here’s a alternative solution: Read this topic by me.
35: Ideas for scratch 4.0 at 5:10:10 PM 19/10/20204519517

BeepBeepImaSheep010 wrote:

Hi! so scratch really needs some updates

1. Fullscreen mode 1080p
So you can see every project in fullscreen mode!

2. Unlock FPS in turbo mode (by default its locked at 30)
Turbo mode is to increase FPS arent it? then make it also unlock FPS

3. Add alot of blocks
<Report bug(bug text :: bug text) to [creator]>
restart [all v]

if(sprite1) says [message]

4.They should also make this idea by my friend
Description is there

5.COLLABORATION it would be very nice if scratch would implement this! so we can work together on the same project at the same time! scratch please add this!
So we can help our friends!
1. this is already implemented
2. as @Vibrato says,

Vibrato wrote:

2. turbo mode isn’t to increase fps, it makes loops run instantly
3. a) This would make too much inappropriate chat projects
b)There is a duplicate
if (sprite1 v) says [] {}:: control
This is too easy to be workaroundable, and this is a duplicate.
4. Duplicate, as @Explosion wrote in that topic.
5. Rejected.
Here are some notes:
1. Don’t make lists of suggestions, and
2. Read the official list of rejected suggestions.
Reserved for ToU and rules
Reserved for staff and BoD
reserved for forms

- -
Links may be in progress.
The Overpowered Shop: Where we do overpowered stuff!
You can choose us for useful stuff.
I’ve seen a lot of images that use
1. How can I upload to;
2. How does it work
28: Delete Forum at 11:50:41 PM 17/10/20204514952

GoingToBecomePopular wrote:

Is there a way to delete a forum, and not a topic?
27: How to use assets as an image host? at 11:40:10 PM 17/10/20204514931

Vadik1 wrote:

1.Make a project for image hosting or if you already have one, then use that
2.Delete all of the extra costumes and sounds from it
3.Import image you want to use
4.Download project to your computer
5.Rename .sb3 extension to .zip
6.View what is inside that zip file
7.Find the image you want to use
8.Copy-paste this example on forum post
9.Replace the part with a bunch of letters and numbers with the name of the file from the step 7
how do you do 9
26: How do you make the shop menu format? at 10:48:34 PM 17/10/20204514802
Click on the date button, then go to address bar. Select all, then copy.

And then, you do [url=paste]Text you want to be showing[/url]
25: What are the easter eggs in Scratch? at 10:40:42 PM 17/10/20204514785

scratchykit5743 wrote:

Searching “egg” in the searchbar makes the thumbnails egg-shaped, which i figured out in late 2.0. It still works today
It does not happen. Source
// sprite 1
when this clone is dead :: events hat
broadcast [I am dead v]
my clone will be deleted in (3) seconds :: events cap
// sprite 2
when broadcast [I am dead v] received :: control hat
say [Party in the elevator] for (I must try :: operators) secs :: sensing
shade :: #ffff00
shade2 :: #0000ff
shade3 :: #32c82c
I made green :: custom cap
define I made green::custom cap {
| NO :: motion
| MAYBE :: sound
| YES :: looks
} :: custom cap
23: What are the easter eggs in Scratch? at 4:52:08 PM 17/10/20204513882
I was wondering about the easter eggs in Scratch. For those of you who don’t know, a easter egg (term) is a secret/surprise.

An example of a easter egg would be:
Search for do a barrel roll on google

Does anybody know what are the easter eggs?

Christianbelchior wrote:

SausageMcSauce wrote:

Christianbelchior wrote:


Christianbelchior wrote:

So, is the next possible version going to remove or increase the clone limit

No, it’s already rejected.

Edit: Editing after leaving the page for new scratchers?
Well, better off removing it because why 300 as the limit?!
And having ideas rejected by ST sucks.

(technically offtopic) Removing the clone limit was rejected was rejected to prevent users crashing other Scratchers' browsers. Making projects that crash the editor or browser are against the Terms of Use.
Unless slowdown is hardcoded, then the clone limit will be increased. (or removed)
Can’t you discuss about suggestions in the Suggestions forum?

Oh, and here is some good advice: read the list of rejected suggestions.
21: What happened here?! at 4:30:12 PM 17/10/20204513840

MTM828 wrote:


MTM828 wrote:

My browser / operating system: Android Linux 7.0, Chrome 86.0.4240.75, No Flash version detected

The version may be outdated…try updating it? It causes a whole mass problems.
i think i have the latest version but ok ill try it later
You never know…maybe it’s your browser…
20: What happened here?! at 4:16:37 PM 17/10/20204513817

MTM828 wrote:

My browser / operating system: Android Linux 7.0, Chrome 86.0.4240.75, No Flash version detected

The version may be outdated…try updating it? It causes a whole mass problems.