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2233: Preview when you hover over a thumbnail at 11:22:35 AM 19/8/20204341372
There may be a workaround to upload anything - but really, who would really use that? More advanced people, right? But why should they? Their projects should be good enough to work without faked stuff.
2232: Pictures In Comments at 11:19:50 AM 19/8/20204341366
You can link or cnd2. […] in the comments. And comments have a limit of 500 chars - why should you be able to add huge images? And you can't even upload images in the way more advanced forums - why should you in the comments?
2231: Preview when you hover over a thumbnail at 11:12:56 AM 19/8/20204341350
Yeah okay when you say it it kinda makes sense. Yep, then you are just able to make a few screenshots from the actual game.
2230: Remove dropdown buttons on forum page at 11:03:00 AM 19/8/20204341337
It's kinda weird to have them there - but really, it's like the line sprite. Creating? No, that's just effort for no reason. Removing? No, that's just effort for no reason.
2229: Preview when you hover over a thumbnail at 10:58:15 AM 19/8/20204341330
How to make sure that it's in-game? You don't - you can use anything as the thumbnail, so why not use anything as the preview? Maybe it could be like the screen recording feature - but really, I don't think that that's necessary.
2228: Preview when you hover over a thumbnail at 10:52:43 AM 19/8/20204341321
It completely answeres them. How do you upload them? By selecting a few images from your PC and uploading them. So it's not created by code.
2227: Preview when you hover over a thumbnail at 10:25:53 AM 19/8/20204341279

Bluebatstar wrote:

I did. It didn't answer those questions.

HTML-Fan wrote:

I think that it would be cool if we had that on Scratch: Besides a proper way of setting a thumbnail, you'd have a way to upload up to 8 images, hopefully in-game. There would be a little button for thumbnail and preview next to the share button or somewhere where it makes sense on the project page.
I guess it does.
2226: New default avatar at 10:24:38 AM 19/8/20204341277
But really - what's the point? It may be ugly in your opinion - but isn't that a reason to change it to something cool, individual? Or, in case you think that it looks nice, what's your problem? It's nice how it is!

You see, everyone is happy.
2225: New default avatar at 9:53:54 AM 19/8/20204341242

ScratchCatHELLO wrote:

HTML-Fan wrote:

I think that I found something out: The default avatar is one file. So when you change that one, every default will change. You don't get a copy.

I don't do the website code. Does anyone know if it would be possible to much some form of extension that alters the default profile picture?

not that that would be very useful
Every single default avatar refers to the file (or whatever size you want):

Bluebatstar wrote:

Anyway, I 20% support. There's nothing wrong with the idea, but how it would work is why I support it so little.
How would the screenshots be selected? Would they be uploaded from the user's computer? Would you have to play the project, right click and select ‘Set Preview’? If it's the former, how could you make sure the image is actually from the project? As for the latter, well, I actually like that idea. I gave it bonus support points if that were the case.
Please read the entire OP.
2223: Cookie variables [read!] at 9:46:57 AM 19/8/20204341239

scratchastroLOL wrote:

dupe, i know its in project ideas, but it's a suggestion
That one is really inprecise and has almost no discussion.
2222: New default avatar at 5:07:19 PM 18/8/20204339536
I think that I found something out: The default avatar is one file. So when you change that one, every default will change. You don't get a copy.

-Exphire- wrote:

-LittleTimmy- wrote:

-gameing_animator- wrote:

it should look like a cool ninja dude or a shrek meme
why? this is currently the mascot of scratch, and that seems normal to me
yeah. Maybe a more colorful scratch cat or something, but like, um, those are just confusing. Besides, can't you upload that as a pfp yourself?
Yep, the current default is just there so you have one. It's not designed to be good.
2220: My e-mail seems to be blocked at 5:02:33 PM 18/8/20204339518
Because I was banned, my e-mail address seems to be blocked - I can't create accounts with it and contact us doesn't seem to work either - what should I do? I can't contact the ST …
2219: More custom block at 4:23:42 PM 18/8/20204339395
Still a dupe.

Vibrato wrote:

This sounds way too easy to exploit and get extra characters
You can't.
2217: An improvement to the art system! at 3:36:25 PM 18/8/20204339223

Moon-cat90 wrote:

PrincessPandaLover wrote:

I have to say this many, many times:

Scratch is a coding website but there are animations, art, games, not only coding
Uhhh you code games, animations are a mix of coding and art and I'm not really interested in art.
2216: Cookie variables [read!] at 3:35:12 PM 18/8/20204339218
2214: Add a widescreen view to see projects at 2:07:34 PM 18/8/20204338949

JPANDD wrote:

what is a dupe btw
You say that something isn't something else without knowing what the something else is? A duplicate means that someone already suggested the same thing.