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29: Invite people to studios quickly at 8:15:05 PM 17/9/20204426058
I have 110 followers, and its getting hard to invite people to curate. Any ideas on how to do it quicker?
28: Having fun with Inspect Element at 3:31:07 PM 16/9/20204422850
Cant do it. On school computer
27: Glitch/bug at 3:00:41 PM 16/9/20204422758
Ok! Ill try!
26: Glitch/bug at 2:42:34 PM 16/9/20204422702
My browser / operating system: ChromeOS 13310.76.0, Chrome 85.0.4183.108, No Flash version detected
I am in the scratch editor, and I cant add another costume to my sprite. I can create new sprites, but not add costumes too it. WHen I over over the button with my mouse, it doesn't show i cant click on it. Therefore, I cannot add costumes to my sprites. Anybody else having the same problem or know how to fix it?
25: How to get popular on Scratch at 2:08:13 PM 16/9/20204422606
Thanks you guys! I have enough answers now, thanks for your help!
24: How to get popular on Scratch at 12:05:34 PM 16/9/20204422305

ittybitmap wrote:

by fame do u mean alot of people noticing you or alot of ppl liking your projects
23: How to get popular on Scratch at 12:04:27 PM 16/9/20204422300

-Snipet- wrote:

fdreerf wrote:

Getting popular isn't about hundreds of followers or getting 3rd on trending; it's to have a community like you. You could be popular with 10 followers, or hated with 10,000. Simply be friendly, make good things, and participate in the community, and you'll have some following.
I literally could have not written it any better than this, this hits home. I think that even then, Scratch isn’t about popularity. It’s about creating and sharing new ideas with the community.
Yeah, really. I love this!
22: How to get popular on Scratch at 12:00:59 AM 16/9/20204421430
I need more answers! uwu
21: Copyright at 8:12:37 PM 15/9/20204420892
Thank you!
20: Copyright at 8:05:36 PM 15/9/20204420873
Yeah, I know, its my 3rd time posting on froums today. But I was wondering, how do you know if something you put on a Scratch project is copyrighted?
Will you be banned for using copyrighted images, music, or other things without knowing?
19: Bring back cat hats! at 5:16:36 PM 15/9/20204420441
18: Bring back cat hats! at 5:15:07 PM 15/9/20204420435
Please bring back the cat block hats! They were so cute! Anybody agree? comment if you do! Also plz check this forum thread out and help.
\ /

17: How to get popular on Scratch at 2:50:54 PM 15/9/20204419959
Hello! I am asking any scratcher how to get popular on Scratch! Your answers will be used in a project I am making! If you do not want to be incuded in the project, or not be tagged, just say so! Thanks!
16: Rick Roll at 10:55:46 AM 14/9/20204416603

BobzGames wrote:

Some great information here:
I got Rick Rolled! On a forum about Rick Rolls!
15: Rick Roll at 10:28:02 PM 13/9/20204415694
ABout Rick roll?
14: Rick Roll at 10:24:54 PM 13/9/20204415686
Ok, I’m waiting to see if someone from the scratch team will reply. I don’t wanna risk it.
13: Rick Roll at 10:22:14 PM 13/9/20204415679
Can you be reported or banned for doing rick rolls on Scratch? I’ve never done one, and I want to know if I can
12: Mobile controls at 2:47:23 PM 30/7/20204273271
Ok! I have a wireless keyboard that goes with my monitor. I’ll see if I. Can connect it. Thank you so much!
11: Mobile controls at 1:43:09 PM 30/7/20204273064
I just recently moved to mobile for scratch because I can no longer use it on my computer. Does anybody know what the controls are for mobile???
10: How to get featured. at 9:11:52 PM 22/7/20204247373
Ok. I unshared it if u think it was good idea. Thx for the feedback tho!