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12: Blur effect at 2:55:13 AM 15/7/20204223491
Scratch team! Please add this, I know you are busy and all, but this topic is years old and it should not be that hard to implement .

Did anybody try to suggest this on their GitHub?
11: My Project Wont Save at 4:33:59 AM 26/3/20203889846

laggncodeultra wrote:

My browser / operating system: ChromeOS 12739.105.0, Chrome 80.0.3987.158, No Flash version detected
Please help, my project wont save. it's been saving fine before, now its not

If you have too long .wav sound files they wont work. Convert them into .mp4 where the limit is 10MB (way bigger)
10: Music length is limited at 9:44:31 PM 10/7/20193621811

D-ScratchNinja wrote:

Scratch has a 10 megabyte per file limit, so you might be exceeding that. You could try converting it into another format to reduce file size, as long as it works in Scratch.

I actually think its a bug. I do not want to upload a music file that is over 10 Mb in size. I have already informed myself about this bug, but thanks for your answer

define fix bug(solution)
repeat until <(solution) = [true]>
say [Please fix it!]
9: Music length is limited at 5:26:30 PM 10/7/20193621597

Nambaseking01 wrote:

This bug has occurred with me too. The MB wasn't even that high!
I think you need to report this at the Bugs & Glitches forum. I was really annoyed once — I spent so long recording my voice and 3.0 casually admitted it couldn't save my recordings.

yes, I've looked and this seems to be a bug that will hopefully be fixed soon.
8: Music length is limited at 3:58:27 PM 10/7/20193621492
I had to divide my music to play it completely, but that does not sound very good. If I want to save music over a certain length in my project, then it shows me that the project can not be saved.

when green flag clicked
play sound [ despacito v]
My browser / operating system: Windows 10, Chrome 64.0.3282.186, Flash 29.0 (release 0)
I made a Game and I worked at it about 3 weeks. I planed to release it today, but shortly afterwards something struck me. Even though the figures where createt in vector, scratch rendered some of them really, really strange… If I played the project from the beginning at fullscreen mode, the background was tiny. I closed chrome and opened it again, but there where no changes. But I know now what was not correct. instead of changing the transparency of a figure, I changed the color by 10. And because of that it was rendering the whole project wrong.

Please fix that!

I made a sample
5: MULTIPLAYER?? at 7:34:34 PM 28/10/20172872181
Thank you so much!! OMG Now the world is open for me!
point in direction ( (☁ world))

… But wait, how can i do this with new cloud? Just write newcloud behind a project…
4: MULTIPLAYER?? at 5:44:55 PM 28/10/20172872072
Why are Multiplayer Games (“cloud variables live”) not working? There must be a reason! It would be awesome if they would exist!
set (☁ x) to (x position)
set (☁ y) to (y position)
3: wrong category at 5:34:35 PM 28/10/20172872059
2: Clone Bug! at 6:29:38 PM 13/9/20172824628
Ok, but I think clones should read the variables of their real objects.
1: Clone Bug! at 2:42:18 PM 13/9/20172824386
My browser / operating system: Windows NT 10.0, Chrome 60.0.3112.113, Flash 27.0 (release 0)