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If a message contains word such as “Report” or “Ban” “Delete” … It would of course ask, not completely block you from sending.
30: at 7:24:32 AM 24/7/20204251682
Seems like no-one saw this topic before it “jumped down”

Boomer001 wrote:

Instead of that, why not make a “block studio invitations for this user” button? So, when they invite you, you don't get a message.
27: Someone spoiling Scratch at 5:56:58 AM 24/7/20204251564
Massreporting? I think YOU should be reported
25: Better Custom Blocks at 5:52:00 AM 24/7/20204251558
Support! (99%) What a brilliantish idea.
So i had this idea that when someone tries to report a glitch or something inappropriate in a scratch team members profile. It would automatically say "Hey! Please go to if you need to contact us" or something idk
23: Extend Maximum Image Size at 5:36:55 AM 24/7/20204251550
No support, the limit is big enough and scratch isnt meant to be a free cloud storage.

Also, please dont try to act like you would be a famous youtuber.
22: Language block at 5:31:34 AM 24/7/20204251545
It already exists. Please ask in the help with scripts about how to detect the language. This can be done in the translate plugin.
No support. I dont see it that useful and it would probably decrase the pen performance in mobile devices.
20: Set Pen Layer Block at 6:44:19 AM 20/7/20204238687
Support! I wont have to eaven explain why. This is just a GREAT idea!!
Support, this is just a great idea. Only when deleting assets it would be annoying.
18: Remove Repeat Block at 6:39:20 AM 20/7/20204238679
No support, you probalbly can guess it was made just for the lols.
17: Why does everyone keep leaving? at 5:30:04 PM 18/7/20204234351
Then there are people like me who left on their main(secret) but not on their secret account (this)

EIectron wrote:

No support. It brings you to a captcha, tho you can exit it. The captcha login can be found here

It could verify it by an email tho.

Sorry. I meant HERE
No support. It brings you to a captcha, tho you can exit it. The captcha login can be found here

It could verify it by an email tho.
14: MP3 or Such Files? at 5:10:05 AM 18/7/20204232907
A whole scratch project cannot be exported as mp4 / mp3 as scratch projects USUALLY contain code and are interactive.
Support, i have a few projects planning (on my other account) that totally needs this. I cant imagine any DOWNSIDES of this. Maybe not the most useful suggestion but yes!
This is a good idea but pretty impssible to get working.