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468: What do you use to run Scratch? at 12:23:18 PM 10/9/20204406455

fireincarnate wrote:

garnetluvcookie wrote:

I think OP is asking what OS we use to run the editor. I use Windows 10 and Chrome most of the time, but sometimes I use macOS and Chrome.
That's actually pretty interesting.
I use MacOS (I hope to use Windows someday) and varying browsers (Mostly Firefox, but sometimes Chrome).
i either use waterfox on a windows or sometimes a random linux machine
i use chrome on my school computer cuz restrictions
467: Need help trying to find a game at 5:11:21 AM 10/9/20204406025
Hello, I have been looking all day for a game I used to play a bit back but forgot to favorite.
It was a game where you invest in either AUD or USD and sell and buy USD with AUD to get as much money as possible, and it uses a line graph to portray the value of USD overtime.
If any of you have a link to the game that would be very helpful.
Thank you,
OG McDog
466: Fourth wall ban at 5:04:50 AM 10/9/20204406021
probably some vpn addresses would be blocked. but other than that they probably could avoid an ip ban, until they forget to enable their vpn and get busted

P.S the person above me is approved by OG McDog
465: McDog Army at 4:46:59 AM 10/9/20204406010

cmon kiddos join mcdog
464: Terminal Sandbox at 2:17:10 AM 10/9/20204405843
Hey fellas,
I'm making a sort of terminal project where I will be creating commands etc.
This will be updated a lot.
If you would like to contribute any commands and such, please leave some below.

I am also attempting to read commands for certain inputs like so:
>>setpassword (enter custom password here)
but I am still brainstorming ideas on how to do it, and still haven't found luck with that, so if you could contribute to that I would love it.

463: Bug Fix at 1:49:57 AM 10/9/20204405806

arandomperson2727 wrote:

also the block display thing isn't working in here.

462: We have a new mystery!!!! at 1:46:08 AM 10/9/20204405801

ThatOneWeirdDude wrote:

in a horror movie, the distracted one always goes first.
actually its always the sexualized female but ok.
461: Cool project at 5:22:42 AM 9/9/20204403113
its good i like it
460: McDog Army at 5:17:47 AM 9/9/20204403110

BlairStar wrote:

why is this a thing XD
blair why are you still here
459: Bug Fix at 5:12:21 AM 9/9/20204403107
yes thank you for fixing,

yes contact scratch team using
457: Bug Fix at 12:23:41 AM 9/9/20204402627
456: anyone else having these problems? at 12:20:33 AM 9/9/20204402620
my mail doesnt love me anymore
454: should i quit? at 12:08:22 AM 9/9/20204402580
press le report button on their mean comments or go to this link to report people who are hating on you

the ST will help you with any haters and if they come back do use the contact us link.
453: McDog Army at 12:04:37 AM 9/9/20204402572

SquirreIstar wrote:

452: McDog Army at 11:57:37 PM 8/9/20204402546
451: McDog Army at 11:50:58 PM 8/9/20204402531

Welcome youngling to the McDog Amry.
enlist today!


Just set your pfp to McDog and you are apart of the army!

You may discuss McDog here.
do some quick tutorials on variables and try make a game that uses the command prompt.
449: Warriors - by Erin Hunter at 12:56:17 AM 8/9/20204399534

SquirreIstar wrote:

DipLeChip wrote:

SquirreIstar wrote:

DipLeChip wrote:

hi gamers and fellow McDogs, i have never read these books and some roblox games gave me bad first impressions but i have ran out of stuff to read after Pet Sematary so what are these books like they sound like a cool universe.
it's a 40+ book series that involves cats
that's about all i can explain without spoiling anything
how big are the books?
about 200-300 pages
link me the first book pls