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870: Serious lag on Chrome...on this account at 11:32:42 PM 19/10/20204520834
My FPC went from 30 to 0 and back to 30 once, but otherwise it was okay. It happens when I view projects like this:, but only during gameplay.
869: Following yourself at 11:09:18 PM 19/10/20204520798
Yeah, I'm pretty sure the ST knows about it, since it's a popular glitch. I haven't seen it removed yet though.
868: Serious lag on Chrome...on this account at 11:07:08 PM 19/10/20204520793
My browser / operating system: ChromeOS 13310.93.0, Chrome 85.0.4183.133, No Flash version detected

I'm not sure if anyone else has experienced this, but when I view a project made by me, the browser will always lag when I view any projects. Basically, all the projects I view won't lag until I view a project made by me, and then Chrome (on that computer) will lag when I view projects after that. It's super annoying because when I try to make animation memes and animatics, I can't because the timing is always off. It usually happens when I view projects with lots of code, messages, and/or variables.
867: Not Popular at 2:07:08 PM 19/10/20204518616
First, this looks like a question to me, so this should go in Questions about Scratch.
Secondly, a way I found how to become known around Scratch is posting in forums and putting my projects in my signature and as my featured project on my profile, Scratch really isn't about becoming popular; it's about creating and sharing projects you made. The other day, I saw a Scratcher with really good artwork and they were very underrated, and I followed them. If you get your projects to be really good, the same will happen for you
Username: DancingNekoGirl
Shop Link:
Shop banner:

Shop name: ѕтαяℓιтє ℓαуσυтѕ
Do you have permission to make partnerships?: Well….yeah!
Owner of shop: DancingNekoGirl
How will both shops benefit?: I might get more orders, you would get another partnership? I don't know, I just opened this shop and more staff is out of the question since I'm not accepting staff at the moment so…
Other: None
Shop name: ѕтαяℓιтє ℓαуσυтѕ
Shop owner: DancingNekoGirl
Permission from shop owner: Yep!
Shop link:
Shop banner:

Luna_Robinson wrote:

Partners with both!
858: CONTEST!!! at 11:18:00 PM 17/10/20204514862
Sounds like a big F4F thing…?
Where was this found? I only found 日本語, was this on Other Languages? If so, since Japan has 3 alphabets, maybe that forum was created for Japanese Scratchers who can't read and/or write kanji/katakana? I dunno.
856: i'm new. at 11:09:25 PM 17/10/20204514840
Hey, welcome to Scratch!
Hi! I saw your shop, and I love it, especially the aesthetics
Username: DancingNekoGirl
Shop or Federation?: Shop
Shop/Federation Name: Starlite Layouts
Shop/Federation Link:
Shop/Federation Banner:

Why we should partner/join?: My shop offers many things, including banners. I think that, since you guys also offer banners, we would be good partners. (Also, I may not be able to complete some banner orders, so a partnership with a shop that does banners would eliminate that hurdle.)
Permission from owner?: Yes, I'm the owner
Other: None

DancingNekoGirl wrote:

SteveAndAlex4Ever wrote:

Username: SteveAndAlex4Ever
Needed: Banner
Description: Put this on the banner: Brown Eyes Studio: Put this on the next line, a bit smaller: “We get your orders done in the blink of an eye!” Text in brown, and if you can, the background should be an eye. If you can't do that, just let me know and we'll work something out.
Deadline: By November 27
How you would like to be notified: Profile
Taken, thanks! (I'll make the eye color brown, per your shop name.)
(unofficial bump)

78ch3 wrote:

How is free follows not enticing
No idea….a couple months ago I would've loved some free follows lol

RiverDay wrote:

Neko Here is a link to my metal health project thing saying what is happaning. Please put me on leave. I will reply on th enew thread sayign when i am back. Link
Apologies, I forgot to put you on the leave list. Blame homework

bananaandchoc1 wrote:

DancingNekoGirl wrote:

Hey, could everyone just fill this out? It's a new application form as requested by bananaandchoc1, but I'm not sure if others can fill it out.
Lol, the current workers can stay but if new workers want to apply then they’ll use that form (unless you want all our worker to re-apply, of course )

DefeattheHuns wrote:

DancingNekoGirl wrote:

Hey, could everyone just fill this out? It's a new application form as requested by bananaandchoc1, but I'm not sure if others can fill it out.
Is filling out this form required for the switch to 3.0?
I wasn't sure if this form could be used by others, but if you don't fill it out it's okay. I didn't mean it as a re-application form; I merely forgot how to use Google Forms since I haven't used it since 1st grade lol