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41: Scratch Month is here! at 1:37:40 PM 4/5/20203981855
I'm so excited!!
40: Wiki Wednesday, April 29, 2020 at 2:22:29 PM 29/4/20203968530
Cool! B)
My level is posted. Hope you enjoy and it gets to be a level design! uwu (Trust me, it's worth your time.) 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38: Propose Studios to be Featured at 3:33:06 PM 25/4/20203955668


check this out my animation ever!
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37: Propose Studios to be Featured at 6:57:45 PM 22/4/20203949512

cheesecakegirl369 wrote:

jacoblewinson123 wrote:

please feature this studio

this studio is “news on scratch”(owned by me). it is a place to have many scratchers form together and share news in one place, not as projects in many different places. my hope is that most people will get to know more about what is going on outside of our houses, amid coronavirus.


I'm sorry, but you are not allowed to propose your own studio. I'm afraid you'll have to find a different studio.
You can propose your own studio!
36: Propose Studios to be Featured at 7:59:59 PM 21/4/20203947501

Owen_Ramku wrote:

CleverComment wrote:

Owen_Ramku wrote:

GreenScreenMan101 wrote:

Hey can you please add my brothers studio

its about AI and if you read its description you will see how worthy it is : )

Thanks for helping !
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Thank you!
35: Propose Studios to be Featured at 7:28:42 PM 21/4/20203947438

Owen_Ramku wrote:

GreenScreenMan101 wrote:

Hey can you please add my brothers studio

its about AI and if you read its description you will see how worthy it is : )

Thanks for helping brandon!
Please don't share personal info on Scratch! Thanks!
34: Propose Studios to be Featured at 4:03:15 PM 21/4/20203947017

Owen_Ramku wrote:

when green flag clicked
move (1000000) steps
say [oh no i hev desease] for (2) secs
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33: Propose Studios to be Featured at 9:35:05 PM 20/4/20203945582

Owen_Ramku wrote:

60 posts
Propose Studios to be Featured
I dont know if you saw my previous message but i really think this would be good!


can you please add this it is a studio dedicated to the advancement of AI, with 5 different languages.
if you go to the studio you can learn more

P.S. it is SUPER interactive

please add it

lets help add ai to scratch!

This is the description (UNTRANSLATED AND MAIN PART)
This is a group made to: test AI on Scratch, AI projects, and AI engines!

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is used frequently, but how is it on Scratch? AI is already capable of painting, making music, talking, and playing games! so let's bring that to Scratch!

Please only add AI related projects and comment cool AI websites you made/found.

It will encourage scratchers to try new ways to use Javascript because of its daily quotes, and the motivating AI projects,
and bring a new trend to scratch, and AI will help develop games (as stated in the description) hearing that will motivate people!
I am part of the “Scratch Wiki” and know how to motivate by seeing different pages and discussions. That's all please check it out

And I have a question: How many members max can you have?

Please respond soon
Please don't post the same studio twice. It usually takes a long time for the ST to see it.
32: Propose Studios to be Featured at 2:40:46 PM 20/4/20203944501
Hi! Thank you for reading this forum post. I would like to propose the studio “Math Games”. I think it is an awesome studio that has a cool prompt. You can do math games in quarantine and people can help you with homework there! It also has an ideas section like a SDS! They also have a good thumbnail.
- Provides an interesting prompt that inspires Scratchers to be creative and make projects. Yep!
- Is focused on a specific project type or topic– for example, mouse trail projects or projects about historical fashion. We find that more specific prompts can be more inspiring! Yes!
- Has at least one active manager (two managers is even better), but not tons of managers. There is currently one, but they will promote more if they are active.
- Has fewer than 100 projects. Yep! They have less than 10.
- Has at least 2 projects that serve as good examples of what can go in the studio. Yes, they do.
- Does not allow anyone to add projects (for safety reasons), but does invite anyone to ask for their project to be added by a curator. Yes and yes.
- Does not have an animated gif as its thumbnail (because that slows down the front page) Yep!
- Is not an Add Everything studio. Yep!
- Not required but awesome: Description is in multiple languages and/or invites Scratchers to help translate it. Yes! This is one of the features that make studios unique! They have Spanish, French, and Hindi. (They did not use Google Translate, I checked.)
I hope you have a good day/night and hope it can be featured! Here is the link:
31: Propose Studios to be Featured at 9:02:52 PM 13/4/20203930792
Hi! ST, if you are reading this, I would like you to feature this. It is a studio about Math Games that people can play when they are bored. Also, they can do this to catch up on education and can ask for help about math and homework. This is an excellent prompt and hope it can get featured!!
30: Propose Studios to be Featured at 4:35:29 PM 12/4/20203928276
Hello! ST, if you are reading this, I would like to propose this studio to be featured. It is about mountains, which I think lots of people like. It also invites everyone, and it fits all of the requirements. Thank you for your time and I hope it can be featured!
29: Propose Studios to be Featured at 6:33:15 PM 2/4/20203909958
There is a cool domino studio where you can learn and create projects about them! Hope you propose it. Have a nice day/night!
28: Scratch Battle at 9:29:01 PM 30/3/20203897099
Want to join a contest? Want some prizes? Enter this competition! Hurry! There is only one spot left! To enter, remix this: To find out more info, like the codeword, go here: Good luck if you join!
27: Propose Studios to be Featured at 8:07:07 PM 30/3/20203897001
Want to learn about space? This studio is perfect for you! Here, you can learn about comets and asteroids, and you can make projects about it! Anyone can curate, and there are already 2 managers and 6 curators. Hope it gets featured!! Have a nice day/night!
26: Propose Studios to be Featured at 6:05:34 PM 15/3/20203874138
There is this awesome studio that is about being healthy! It talks about germs, diseases, doctors, invites everyone, and even has a quote! Please feature it ST!
25: Propose Studios to be Featured at 11:59:08 PM 28/2/20203856487
Hi! I’ve seen this wonderful studio about gardens and hope you can feature it!
24: New block Idea at 8:55:21 PM 17/2/20203844771
What if there was a “I receive message” block? Like it can be in the events area.
<I receive [ message1 v] >
It can look like this but orange.
repeat until <I receive [ message1 v]>
do something
And it can be put in the “repeat until” block. It would be super useful! Thanks!
23: Achievements at 8:06:13 PM 17/2/20203844713

WindOctahedron wrote:

I'm sorry, but this suggestion is rejected, so it will never be implemented:

Za-Chary wrote:

8.7 Digital currency or Scratch achievements

Some other users have suggested Scratch achievements such as “Created 50 Projects” with the idea that this would give users motivation to keep using Scratch. However, this sort of idea does not really fit in with the purpose of Scratch. Some users may use their achievements to determine that they are more important or better than other users. However, you are allowed to make achievements in your own games, if you like.
Next time you suggest something, please read The Official List of Rejected Suggestions.
Oh. Sorry! I'll try to read them next time!
22: Achievements at 8:05:13 PM 17/2/20203844709

DarthVader4Life wrote:

this was rejected i believe.
Oh. Sorry!