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16027: Scratch Desktop Starting on Boot at 8:58:38 AM 6/9/20204395298
You can already do this with any program in Windows or on macOS by going into System Preferences > Users and Groups > Login Items.
16026: What is a mute at 5:13:11 AM 6/9/20204395100

miagupta wrote:

SquirreIstar wrote:

A mute is when you are forbidden from commenting for a short amount of time (usually 24 hours) due to triggering the Filterbot™ too many times.
as in if the filterbot doesn't like the comment you posted
16025: Make Scratch more beginner-friendly at 3:26:44 AM 6/9/20204395010

Mr_PenguinAlex wrote:

Ihatr wrote:

No support for the forums. It'll bring up the same issue as the discuss tab did, and I think forum misuse will shoot up.
But there will be a thing that tells you how to use the forums, what to do and what not to do, and if they don't follow those rules, that's when you use the Report button.

Removing the discuss tab wasn't the solution to the spam problem, anyways- the solution is telling people how to use the forums correctly.
If completely hiding a thing solves problems, why not hide the comments section on projects? People could spam in them.
in fact, removing the discuss tab is probably part of the reason people advertise in places other than show and tell
This is just speculation, but I think during the time that the discuss tab was being removed, the ST may have been considering removing the forums entirely for Scratch 3 since it's more disconnected from the rest of the site than other sections of the site and I think that's still something that will eventually happen but hasn't yet due to the forums still being home to a pretty large community.

Since a lot of Scratch's focus in terms of implementing features are to benefit schools, I do see that an extensive Help section that would get students new to Scratch up and going within minutes to be a useful tool with teaching Scratch in schools so they get more time to make their cool project rather than figuring out the interface or the blocks.

ThatOneWeirdDude wrote:

the sad thing is that scalpers would probably end up going to small towns in every country just to buy up every copy
I don't think it'll be a big deal since you can just buy the game digitally

The Mario Game and Watch, on the other hand is going to be a massive victim of scalpers since it's hardware, so you can only buy it physically.
One of my friends bought 2 of them and within less than 3 hours of doing that, they ran out of stock even after a “limit 1 per customer” policy which they introduced after my friend bought 2 G&W's. pretty epic
Here were the contents of the document seeing as it's a pretty important part of informing people on what exactly you're making:
BlobMania GDD
BlobMania is a side view 3D platformer-style game where players will try to fight different enemies on different levels using special blobs. Each blob is special and unique in their own way. Blobs have two variables: Health and energy. Health is gone down when the blob is attacked, when at little - no health, a blob is down and cannot attack. Energy is used for blobs to do certain attacks, when at little - no energy, a blob cannot attack, but is not down. Energy is revived over time or by putting your blob to “Sleep,” Which takes 2 minutes for maximum health and energy to be recovered. Blobs are earned by 2 ways:
Prizes earned through gameplay
Buying them in the store
When an egg, later by a blob, is hatched
You use ingame currency “Coins” to buy them.

1 Blob per normal level, 4 blobs per bossfight, Two Blobs per bonus level

The series was originally created in 2015, when [-witherman-] was in a comic-drawing contest at home. His comic was titled "Bob Blob: food". Soon after, he made a few more comics about the character "Bob Blob". He eventually forgot about Bob Blob because of lots of other things happening in life. One day in 2017, though, it all changed. He remembered Bob Blob, and wanted to make more blobs. That was how it all started.

Bob Blob (Slime type, Max HP 50, Max Energy 100)
Floppy (Normal type, Max HP 70, Max Energy 140)
Wiggle (Water type, Max HP 90, Max Energy 150)
Slimy (Slime type, Max HP 100, Max Energy 175)
Blill (Water type, Max HP 120, Max Energy 160)
[HD only] U (Food type, Max HP 75, Max Energy 180)
[HD only] Nuthead (Nature type, Max HP 60, Max Energy 276)
[HD only] Mayor Bloop (Water type, Max HP 120, Max Energy 350)
[HD only] Dioblob (Space type, Max HP 200, Max Energy 100)
[HD only] Ancient Blob (Nature type), Max HP 75, Max energy 350)

Tutorial (10 levels)
Into the lab (20 levels)
Stuck in the hole (25 levels)
Cargo Bay ambush (30 levels)
Crazy contraptions (35 levels)
Into the desert (40 levels)
The desert of dustiness (45 levels)
Ancient blob city (50 levels)
CrAzY canyons (55 levels)
Into da cave (60 levels)
Tunnel slimes (50 levels)
Lava Bananza (40 levels)
Down to the core (50 levels)

Daily Challenges:
Easy mode (1 level)
Normal mode (2 levels)
Hard mode (3 levels)
Insane Mode (4 levels)
Meltdown Mode (5 levels)
[HD only] Premium Mode (10 levels)

Bonus Chapters:
Golden Slimes (20 levels)
Danger Zone ( 40 levels)
Power-up testing zone (6 levels, HD has 8 levels)
[HD only] Space blobs (20 levels)
[HD only] Time blobs (20 levels)
[HD only] Odd blobs (30 levels)

[HD Only] Minigames:
Slime em' up
Blobs on air
Blobs on ice
Hide and seek
The egg cannon
Banana Hunt

Doctor Lobb (Into the lab)
Mecha-slime (crazy contraptions)
CACTI EX#2 (into the dessert)
CACTI EVOLVED (The Desert of dustiness)
1Blob (Ancient blob city)
Rock Monster thing # 82 (CrAzY Canyons)
Hot Banana sundae (Lava banzana)

Power Cell (makes the blob have infinite energy for two minutes)
Slime Portal (can teleport the blob to any part of a level)
Mighty Banana (Makes a huge banana be dropped anywhere you want- crushing everything under it)
Invisibility Potion (Makes the blob invisible to enemies for 45 seconds, which confuses enemies)
Basic bomb (Throw a small bomb, which explodes a small radius)
Superbomb (Throw a big bomb, which makes a huge explosion)
[HD only] Monster Bomb (Throw a bomb, which can obliterate 75% of all enemies)
[HD only] Clone Machine (Makes two extra clones of the blob)

Coin earnings:
Earn 10 coins for finishing a basic level with one star
Earn 15 coins for finishing a basic level with two stars
Earn 20 coins for finishing a basic level with three stars
Earn 300 coins for beating any level with an Ultimate Star
Earn 30 coins for finishing a power-up test
Earn 45 coins for finishing a “Golden Slimes” level
Earn 50 coins for beating a boss
[HD only] earn 50 coins for completing an “Odd blobs” level
[HD only] earn 60 coins for completing a “Time blobs” level
[HD only] Earn 60 coins for completing a “Space blob” Level
Earn 75 coins for finishing a “Danger Zone” level
Earn 5-50 coins for completing an achievement

Point Earnings:
100 for destroying a block
150 for defeating a green fungus blob
160 for defeating a red fungus blob
170 for defeating a blue fungus blob
180 for defeating a gold fungus blob
300 for defeating a disease blob
450 for finding a secret
500 for stepping on and igniting TNT
Double the points if you complete before the bonus timer runs out

Star earnings:
0+ Points for one star
2,000+ Points for two stars
4,000+ Points for three stars
10,000+ Points for Ultimate Star

World 2

The bonus timer is one third of the level’s time limit.

(c) 2020 The Blob Factory, a subdivision of Uranium Games, Incorporated
All rights reserved
Rest of the credits contained a lot of personal information that the ST would be big no no about
16022: The Pokémon Topic at 1:59:22 PM 5/9/20204393398

Bluebatstar wrote:

JuneandBabyThor wrote:

Can you please stop talking about stuff I don’t know about
I haven’t played EVERYTHING in pokemon only pokemon sword and pokemon go

CatsUnited (In the OP) wrote:

Any discussion relating to the Pokémon anime, the Pokémon video games, the Pokémon TCG or Pokémon in general goes here.
Sorry, but just because you haven't played most of the Pokemon games doesn't mean other people can't talk about them.
yeah unova am i right?

apple502j wrote:

This may be due to some weird escaping issues. (also, on comments, they filter some to prevent filter bypass iirc)
I know that emojis like the eggplant were specifically banned due to the context they're almost always used in.
at 10:56:09 AM 5/9/20204393082
Could you include this in some way:
If you're using something for inspiration for your own project, I think it's best just to say in the credits that it was inspiration for your own creation
16017: How did you find Scratch? at 4:46:09 AM 5/9/20204392640
>be me
>school be like “you are cool and gaming you are invited to this cool and gaming program we're doing with the computers”
>download Scratch 1.4 (and everyone else in the cool and gaming program did as well)
>go home
>search up scratch on google so I could use it at home
>find the website
>make account
16016: The Pokémon Topic at 1:02:36 AM 5/9/20204392375

M1mikyu wrote:

I can kind of picture N being the kind of person who’d like doing those kinds of puzzles. I like puzzles, except for when the pieces are really tiny and they keep slipping from my fingers. I do have long fingers, though.

Oh and I just found out that I’m almost as tall as N (mom says I’m 5’4 and N is 5’11.)
There's still quite a bit of difference between 5'4 and 5'11 though
16015: Project IDs at 4:23:55 PM 4/9/20204391150

garnetluvcookie wrote:

Ihatr wrote:

I would think since it's a link to a scratch website, it wouldn't censor it.
Would it, though? We can only guess if no one will test it.
Tested it, works fine.
From the Chinese perspective, I've seen a lot of them acknowledging that it makes sense for them to block the Scratch website but still allow the usage of the Scratch program itself within China since the program isn't harmful. TAL assists and funds the Scratch program, not the community directly.
16013: Admin Panel at 4:01:44 PM 4/9/20204391082

awsomecoder120 wrote:

Is there a newer on that I can see?
I know some people were able to get the 3.0 admin panel for projects to appear, though the topic was deleted by the ST so I don't think they want people to know about it (even though I'm pretty sure you could view the admin panel using the scratch-www source code lol).
How large is the file you exported? There is a asset size limit of 10 MB, so any file that goes over that size will cause Scratch to refuse to save the project (and also refuse to go into the backpack).
16011: The 500+/1000+ post displays. at 3:01:45 PM 4/9/20204390868
It might be the second one, since I know that 100 posts displays as 100 posts while 101 posts displays as 100+. Therefore, 500 posts may still display as 100+ posts and it takes 501 posts to shift that over to 500+ posts.
There is no delay as long as you aren't causing a screen refresh, in which case it becomes the standard 1/30th of a second.
16009: Who was the first scratch "animator"? at 11:00:34 AM 4/9/20204390201

imabanana22 wrote:

im thinking @astro947 . i might be wrong tho
Astro947 was the first Scratcher that I'd say was an actually popular Scratcher (based on the modern definition) based on comments made by users around on the 1.4 days.

dftyu wrote:

should they have included galaxy one or 2? i think galaxy 2 would be better. whaddya think?
Both, since from what I've seen about Galaxy 2, it's a completely different experience from the first Galaxy (which I have played)