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16047: The Pokémon Topic at 1:21:16 PM 9/9/20204403736

johnelr wrote:

the pikachu's name is drake and the mewtwo's name is myles

Forum_Help wrote:

He means the word “friends” is rejected by the detector.

To bypass it : in the word “friend” insert an emoji who isn't in Scratch (sausage or eggplant already made
Can I get a source for that information? I can't imagine Scratch's comment filter being as easy to break as Roblox's lol
Paste the unshared project's URL into Forkphorus and copy the embed link that it gives you on that page. That should work.
16044: What is the best project you made? at 7:52:51 AM 9/9/20204403233
This is just project advertising disguised as a community question lol

Also, probably tom nook simulator
Back in the good old days of 2014 and 2015 when MLG was still relevant[citation needed], a lot of users used that particular audio clip for the funny, though it was censored so it was more like "s- [silence] everyday“. My guess is that someone originally used the clip uncensored, the ST alerted them because that was ”the bad“ so the community instead created the censored version I referred to, which is okay as it's practically just saying ”everyday". To get the point across that it was from Snoop Dogg, people would often include a GIF of his iconic windshield wiper dance along with the censored audio clip.

In other words, the ST don't want people including a clip of someone encouraging people to do such a substance, so yes the project would likely get taken down for that.
16042: The Pokémon Topic at 7:39:54 AM 9/9/20204403209

dual_creator43 wrote:

M1mikyu wrote:

johnelr wrote:

Made a new webcomic based on 2 pokemon.
Edit: the comic is upscaled to make text easier to read.
thanks for making my stupid theory become a comic XD I love it
also, it should be their
In which M3wtwo explains yet another one of her theories to the rest of the Pokémon topic. (collectively named Drake for some reason)
Get it? Because Mewtwo with a number in the name just like M1mikyu?
*presses the laugh track button*

dual_creator43 wrote:

dftyu wrote:

thassa lot of mario! all i wonder is: this is just the 35th anniversary, yet they treat it like it's the 50th.
The problem is that now they're going to have to maintain their reputation for the 40th and 45th anniversaries, but neither of those will be as important as the 50th.
I feel like for the 40th or 45th that Nintendo is just going to re-release 3D All Stars for a few more months (they may end up including SMG2 as well but idk)
16040: Minecraft Official Topic at 7:31:59 AM 9/9/20204403199

potatophant wrote:

Thesky-Media wrote:

bump with rtx on

bump with rtx off
the bump with rtx off comes with an entire MS paint window - I see that as a win

ittybitmap wrote: fun fact: inspired by cicada 101
Where'd the other 3200 cicadas go?

ThatOneWeirdDude wrote:

mine was named “MLG Stuff” i made it back when i had the lowest humour nd it contained memes and sounds that you would find in “MLG” videos on youtube.

I had older projects but they were all remixes or contained barely any code.

okay my first project had some code but it also has my cringy 3rd grade voice and I don't have access to that account anymore s I cant remove it
On that point, I also went on an MLG phase with my account, particularly through 2015. MLG was very popular on Scratch in general at that time, so I assume that's how I got the majority of my pre-2018 following.
16037: Super Smash Brothers Ultimate at 12:25:48 PM 8/9/20204400185

cheesyfriedeggs wrote:

SolarKnight wrote:

cheesyfriedeggs wrote:

SolarKnight wrote:

cheesyfriedeggs wrote:

hulkandironman wrote:

Bluebatstar wrote:

Twin138956Scratch wrote:

So 3-D All Stars was just announced. Anyone got any plans of sending requests for this?
Umm, how is this relevant to this topic? There's a 3-D All-Stars topic here.
Just because it's a Smash topic doesn't mean we only have to talk about Smash. It's not against any rules. Unless you created this topic, then you get to make the rules.
This is a Smash Bros topic. If we talked about anything else on this topic, it would be off-topic. Off-topic stuff is spam. Spam is against the Community Guidelines.
ok but who cares
I do.
Because I want to keep this topic on-topic.
this is why they should add mario to smash bros
16036: Minecraft Official Topic at 9:10:26 AM 8/9/20204399948

DaEpikDude wrote:

You know, I don't think you guys are having the appropriate level of freaking out that pack.png was found
16035: The Sonic the Hedgehog Topic at 9:02:42 AM 8/9/20204399941

arogix342 wrote:

mtech22 wrote:

Ian123asd wrote:

Sonic Happy Meal Commercial. Search it up. I dare you.
This is why I don't go to McDonald's anymore
you don't go to mcdonalds? they're the best fast food resturant!
my homies only go to five guys

Also the Sonic Happy Meal commercial is a classic
16034: Accidental Deleting at 8:44:22 AM 8/9/20204399908
If you delete a sprite by accident, I advise immediately clicking on Edit on the top bar, then on “Restore Sprite” and you should be able to get it back.
If we're talking oldest shared, then Kerbi (which isn't even that old relative to the age of my account, it's only just going to turn 2 years old in a few days)
The oldest project I have on my account including unshared projects is from September 2014 and it was a remix of a top down driving game where I made a custom map for it.
I haven't confirmed it yet, but the oldest projects I've ever made at all with Scratch are probably on an old hard drive somewhere going back to February or March 2014.
16032: longest topics ever at 8:21:34 AM 8/9/20204399895

dftyu wrote:

the longest available to users is Sigton's Shop, but the dustbin topic 412 has accumulated over 3k pages (not visible by normal means)
Close, but not quite; the Steven Universe topic is longer.
ah yes, classic internet posting that everywhere
ST's moderation team do have a lot of work going on for them, and in the scenario you've provided, I'd say that reporting the account is the best course of action, while Contact Us is more of a backup service for more serious situations (I think they've demonstrated that people shouldn't rely on Contact Us unless required by making it harder to fill out a form)
When I used to make projects, it was always created over a period of a few days.
16029: Minecraft Official Topic at 7:57:59 AM 7/9/20204397568

potatophant wrote:

Replace your sword with an axe (saves hotbar space).
As Technoblade said, swords in Minecraft 1.9+ are purely ornamental items and should never actually be used for combat
16028: Minecraft Ideas at 3:44:24 PM 6/9/20204395986

SteveAndAlex4Ever wrote:

JuneandBabyThor wrote:

Structure:jungle treehouse
Found in jungles its a treehouse with jungle planks and glass loot is
Gold tools
By:ruined nether portals
what do you mean by ruined nether portals?
They were a structure added in 1.16 - june's proposing their new structure spawn next to ruined nether portals that are in jungles