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16142: The Sonic the Hedgehog Topic at 11:08:54 AM 25/9/20204446177

PrincessPandaLover wrote:

find de segasonic bros.

I like to think that the building's walls are made out of plushies
16141: Minecraft Official Topic at 11:05:35 AM 25/9/20204446173

LandonHarter wrote:

ifnull wrote:

I just wanna tell you…
I just wanna tell you…
The Update that Changed the World Again

Maximouse wrote:

Jeffalo wrote:

although i think unshared projects still need to follow the CGs
I don't think so (the ST unshares projects which don't follow the CGs).
afaik the ST only actually delete a project if the contents of it are illegal

-ColorMaster- wrote:

CatsUnited wrote:

dftyu wrote:

buckle up, boys… 3d all stars has been review bombed for using emulation and not including super mario galaxy 2.
Looking at Metacritic, there are a lot of negative reviews though knowing Nintendo's fanbase it could be much worse
literally who cares, just enjoy what you enjoy. It doesn't matter what the public deems good and not good unless you're someone who's on the fence about buying the product (and even that's up to your own judgement)
yeah but this is the internet we're meant to get super invested into fierce debates and arguments about trivial topics that go on for months
I'll reference Critikal's video on the angriest comment section on Youtube inside a Paper Mario song video again since that video summarises that type of behavior on the internet well

-Exphire- wrote:

Also, here are some major examples of things that make me really laugh (and screenshot.)
Lloid: Our goal is 168,000 bells. We currently have 0 bells, which is just lovely, isn't it?
smh we really have to be going around picking up all the slack from the other citizens. It took 1 week for them to collectively donate 1000 bells yet I can make that by selling stuff I found on the ground in 5 minutes.
16137: The Pokémon Topic at 2:00:13 PM 23/9/20204441085

guanglai-kangyi wrote:

N's hair
welcom home
Based on what you stated on OP, if the post is considered unconstructive for the suggestion, doesn't that already make it reportable?

fdreerf wrote:

Ah, even in the caelum, the basic human endeavor to create an “us versus them” structure still reigns. Luckily, I'm too much of a self-referencing arrogant pseudo-intellectual to be affected or even care.
I see you are a good observer of human behavior. This is a frequent occurrence once a new entity gains virality on all internet based communities, particularly on this one. History doesn't necessarily repeat; it often instead rhymes.

ResExsention wrote:

EZ-Games wrote:

About the suggestion, I don't think it's a good idea for a teenager to host these events, I don't really trust my generation enough to actually take it seriously.

Perhaps maybe 1000 years ago in the medieval ages would children be mature enough to do such a thing, actually.

But now? Propriety isn't taken so seriously – lots of ways to screw this up.
Then again, 1000 years ago, 16 years would've been a much higher percentage of an average person's lifetime than nowadays.

As someone who is very close to being 18, I don't feel much different to how I did when I was 16, though in America (and a lot of other developed countries), 18 is the age where you become legally responsible for yourself. Doing something like setting up an event would be easier and less sus if the minimum age was set at that age.

maverick78921 wrote:

-gge wrote:

LegoManiac04 wrote:

Bluebatstar wrote:

dftyu wrote:

buckle up, boys… this game has been review bombed due to lazy emulation. look here
I've never had or seen any problems. I disagree.
Yeah, I second that-
"but I have played all of these games before, why would I ever want to buy this? When will Nintendo make a new game for ME?"
i want regie to play smash bros with me :​( :​( :​( :​(

dftyu wrote:

buckle up, boys… 3d all stars has been review bombed for using emulation and not including super mario galaxy 2.
Looking at Metacritic, there are a lot of negative reviews though knowing Nintendo's fanbase it could be much worse
16131: Scratch Forum Post Counts at 1:58:35 PM 22/9/20204438306

-ShadowOfTheFuture- wrote:

Can I have the rank “yes”
um ok

-ShadowOfTheFuture- wrote:

16130: What are your favourite number(s)? at 8:43:35 AM 22/9/20204437763
idk, but personally for me I'm going for 2 + 4i. not sure why, I kinda just vibe to that number
16129: Among Us (game) at 8:32:20 AM 22/9/20204437747

sowut123 wrote:

that's the imposter
16128: Super Smash Brothers Ultimate at 11:18:53 AM 21/9/20204435055

LlamaGodLuke wrote:

Looks like the next reveal will be on October 4th. Something to do with an ad being taken down on October 4th. Of course, Smash fans go crazy whenever Nintendo breathes.
stans of any fandom tend to do that lol
16127: Among Us (game) at 11:15:46 AM 21/9/20204435045

maverick78921 wrote:

red: I saw pink kill and vent away
pink: idk red kinda sus they were chasing me for 0.2 seconds

Red was not an impostor.
2 impostors remain.
bro pink and red are too similar of a color you know I can't see
I wouldn't say the project itself is violent since there's nothing graphic shown or heard in the project (which is silent so that rules out any issues with sound).

I'm more just confused as to why the Aeronautics Academy would incentivise people with money to jump from almost the height that the ISS orbits at, seemingly without a parachute.

I suggest waiting for the input of others before jumping to conclusions though since I'm not a good representation of the people in the Scratch community (I'm above the target audience age lol) and maybe there are people who see the content itself as problematic.
16125: Questions about Scratch at 10:13:06 AM 21/9/20204434976
Questions about Scratch
This doesn't really count, but I was watching a video about console errors as a little kid and the presenter was talking about the PS2 red screen of death. The guy decided to throw a creepypasta jumpscare in it and that made me terrified of the PS2 RSOD for quite a while, even after I thought that Sony wouldn't do something like that
16123: My question in the comment section at 8:03:07 AM 21/9/20204434859
There's a filter against numbers that are about 10 digits long as they could potentially be phone numbers, which the ST don't want people to be going around posting.