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culverkwan wrote:

congyingzhou wrote:

This is definitely a duplicate.
Of where?
I found this topic while I was searching myself.
14652: scratch app I.O.S and android at 12:07:36 PM 22/2/20203849495

minor-edit wrote:

OurPrincess wrote:

Even more proof people don't know about the new app!
The topic acknowledges the desktop app.
What I believe they're referring to is that not a lot of people are aware of the Android version of Scratch since they didn't acknowledge that an Android app already existed in their OP like what they did with Scratch Desktop.

If a version of Scratch were to be released for iOS, I doubt that they'll be adding the full online website experience to their offline programs as it'd be kinda redundant to have their website (more or less) in two distinct locations, which not very many programs do. I think the ST are preferring to make the website more usable on mobile devices (the design used on the homepage, on projects and other pages with this style is that design idea in practise), and then offering the offline app as separate and not being reliant or heavily integrated with any online features.
14651: YouTubers at 10:56:40 AM 22/2/20203849462

Ryrie36 wrote:

I know people have the right to watch whatever they want.

But how do people watch Markiplier/Jacksepticeye/SSSniperWolf without feeling that they're bored as heck?
From my experience, Markiplier does have some interesting content on his channel and particularly on Unus Annus that you wouldn't have to feel bored in order to watch, though I've only properly watched the sort of content from Mark that I've found interesting. I'm less familiar with Jack and have only watched a few videos; from what I've seen, he's still quite a bit of a let's play guy and also does his own subreddit meme review so that's not really the sort of content I'd usually watch. For my opinion on sssniperwolf, refer to maverick.

technoguyx wrote:

…It was fun, would watch again — partly because we watched the Latin American dub which, uh, wasn't that good. (They decided to hire a cringey YouTuber to voice Sonic for some reason; he simply doesn't pour the same passion as Ben Schwartz or even VAs from past Spanish dubs)
Paramount trying to keep localisation costs low I see
14649: Dark mode at 2:47:43 AM 22/2/20203849218
Cool to see that support for a dark mode exists on the main site as well. I know that this is the primary topic for discussion regarding dark mode on the forums, so I think it'd be good to voice your opinion there.
(The topic I did link to focuses on the Scratch editor rather than the website, but with all the duplicate topics talking about dark mode for the editor or the website I've seen, the ST is directing people to that particular topic I linked)
14648: Windows vista compatibility?? at 2:42:14 AM 22/2/20203849208
If you don't know both your username and password for your old account, then I don't think you'd be able to retrieve information from that account. ik Windows Vista stopped receiving support from Microsoft in 2017 so the browser that you might have on Vista might not be the most up to date. Does anything different happen when you do the same actions on your installation of Mint?
14647: Realistic 3D Rendering at 8:37:47 AM 21/2/20203848316
I think it depends on what your defintion of a “realistic 3D project” is. Several impressive 3D projects have been made such as a “3D Minecraft” and a texture mapped 3D model though these things are very technical in their operation and there are numerous other projects of that sort, so it's indeed possible.
14646: The Pokémon Topic at 8:25:59 AM 21/2/20203848314

dual_creator43 wrote:

I have something somewhat controversial that I want to post about: how Eevee is associated with femininity. (opposite of masculinity)

I always imagined Eevee as a gender neutral targeted character, though that's probably because my background regarding people talking about Pokemon were either people that know a lot about it like the people on this topic and my IRL friends or people who criticise you for liking Pokemon at all.


The worst part about the Direct is that it made me want the game.

It looks like there's some sort of mission mode and that's how you hook me on games I have no interest in otherwise.
afaik all of the animal crossing games have this sort of progression where you start out in a small house and then get your way through to bigger and better things.

-gge wrote:

when are people usually active in the server

i'm a bup so i don't like playing by just myself
when everyone else is asleep except for weekends sometimes
14643: Adding a Mobile/Desktop Detecting Block at 11:38:57 PM 20/2/20203847969

chrdagos wrote:

No support because this block could be used in bad ways like
There are already numerous blocks out there that you could use to target specific users, such as the username block and using cloud variables to detect if someone is a scratcher or not. This is an example of the classic “No support because it could be abused” technique which is a very surface level argument, so that shouldn't be a valid reason to not include this feature.

minor-edit wrote:

How would Scratch know that it was on mobile or desktop? What about tablet?
There are several methods on detecting what particular browser or OS someone's using. The globe button that outputs your browser and OS information can be a good way to detect such a thing.
14642: The Nintendo Topic at 11:20:54 PM 20/2/20203847953

Meatlejuice wrote:

There were people getting upset in the AC direct chat because it wasn't Smash Bros. What were they expecting? Lol.
animal crossing characters are in smash so that means I can talk about smash lol
14641: script limit at 11:26:25 AM 20/2/20203847446

awsmegmr222 wrote:

awesome-llama wrote:

Depends. I noticed that more powerful computers handle more code better. There is not exact limit, and I wouldn't think that every computer has an exact limit that would cause a crash.
Anyway, why would you get a browser crash? It may freeze or hang, but a crash is a complete failure causing it to close. I wouldn't think that crashes are all that easy to get. I don't recall getting one. Definitely had freezes, but never an actual crash.
it's pretty crazy that people can put so much effort into coding, to the point to were it crashes the browser
Are you able to link the project that was causing the “browser crash” for you?
14640: Scratch API at 11:09:39 AM 20/2/20203847427
Things like user statistics, comments, news and assets from projects can be grabbed from the Scratch API. Scratchstats does this though I don't think there is an option to embed user information from there, and I recall seeing someone working on a project to create embeddable Scratch user statistics but I don't have a link for it right now.

If you want to write the code from scratch xddd yourself, then I suggest taking a look at the information from this page and this page as there's some useful things on there.

tnix100 wrote:

Za-Chary wrote:

Only if the projects contain illegal content that we would not want to put on our servers.

However, you can make something like a FNAF horror game with jumpscares, as long as you don't share it.
So does that mean if a project contains illegal content in a shared or unshared project the project will be permanently deleted?
And will their account be blocked and maybe police involved?
Events like these would probably be handled on a case by case basis, so there's a chance that either none of those or all three of those events happen.
14638: The Pokémon Topic at 10:25:45 AM 20/2/20203847410

jaguar1501 wrote:

Also, yesterday I spotted a car, and it said Kalos on the back
Which means
There's a make of car called Kalos
Did anyone know this before XD
lol no
By the looks of things, Chevrolet and Daewoo have both used that name for a car model
14637: The Super Mario Maker (Series) Topic at 9:32:20 AM 20/2/20203847393


Mr_PenguinAlex wrote:

excelguru wrote:

When the direct is finally announced but it's just an animal crossing direct
(Oh yeah, new account.)
hey don't disrespect animal crossing
It's funny how you posted this on my thread.
And this topic isn't related to animal crossing lol. I do like the Animal Crossing series myself, but still
If only a small amount of people are aware of a particular system that Scratch can be installed in which the ST have recently created such as the Chromebook version or the Android tablet version, then there should be more publicity regarding these new releases, whether through an announcement on Scratch News or just by having a banner on the front page for a little while to advertise a new release of Scratch like the Android one.
14635: The Pokémon Topic at 2:09:04 PM 19/2/20203846536

yokaiwatch123 wrote:

Arceu wrote:

Shopkeepers are horrible people
i saw that comic
Retail can be a very dangerous job though. I think the worker has just adapted this action given this environment
14634: Homemade Memes at 9:33:52 AM 19/2/20203846378

maverick78921 wrote:

-gge wrote:

dominic305 wrote:

nice meme

i like the fact that it's nothing
i don
hi don