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4: Wings Of Fire MAP at 9:23:09 PM 21/5/20161998783
Hi! I'm giving out parts to anyone who'd like to be a part of THE WINGS OF FIRE MAP I've created! Here's the link:
Please join!
3: SPEEDPAINTS at 8:04:35 PM 21/5/20161998626
Come check out my speed paints and tell me what you think I should paint next! I'll take any idea!
2: POKEMON CONTEST! at 8:03:33 PM 21/5/20161998623
Everyone, come join in the pokemon contest! All the rules are in the description at the project page, to go check it out! I just started it, so there is only one pokemon to do, but come do it anyways!
Here's the link:
1: Open CC! :) at 1:54:33 AM 27/4/20161947531
I have a new cc as well…. Anyone in to compete?

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dftyu wrote:

buckle up, boys… 3d all stars has been review bombed for using emulation and not including super mario galaxy 2.
Looking at Metacritic, there are a lot of negative reviews though knowing Nintendo's fanbase it could be much worse
16131: Scratch Forum Post Counts at 1:58:35 PM 22/9/20204438306

-ShadowOfTheFuture- wrote:

Can I have the rank “yes”
um ok

-ShadowOfTheFuture- wrote:

16130: What are your favourite number(s)? at 8:43:35 AM 22/9/20204437763
idk, but personally for me I'm going for 2 + 4i. not sure why, I kinda just vibe to that number
16129: Among Us (game) at 8:32:20 AM 22/9/20204437747

sowut123 wrote:

that's the imposter
16128: Super Smash Brothers Ultimate at 11:18:53 AM 21/9/20204435055

LlamaGodLuke wrote:

Looks like the next reveal will be on October 4th. Something to do with an ad being taken down on October 4th. Of course, Smash fans go crazy whenever Nintendo breathes.
stans of any fandom tend to do that lol
16127: Among Us (game) at 11:15:46 AM 21/9/20204435045

maverick78921 wrote:

red: I saw pink kill and vent away
pink: idk red kinda sus they were chasing me for 0.2 seconds

Red was not an impostor.
2 impostors remain.
bro pink and red are too similar of a color you know I can't see
I wouldn't say the project itself is violent since there's nothing graphic shown or heard in the project (which is silent so that rules out any issues with sound).

I'm more just confused as to why the Aeronautics Academy would incentivise people with money to jump from almost the height that the ISS orbits at, seemingly without a parachute.

I suggest waiting for the input of others before jumping to conclusions though since I'm not a good representation of the people in the Scratch community (I'm above the target audience age lol) and maybe there are people who see the content itself as problematic.
16125: Questions about Scratch at 10:13:06 AM 21/9/20204434976
Questions about Scratch
This doesn't really count, but I was watching a video about console errors as a little kid and the presenter was talking about the PS2 red screen of death. The guy decided to throw a creepypasta jumpscare in it and that made me terrified of the PS2 RSOD for quite a while, even after I thought that Sony wouldn't do something like that
16123: My question in the comment section at 8:03:07 AM 21/9/20204434859
There's a filter against numbers that are about 10 digits long as they could potentially be phone numbers, which the ST don't want people to be going around posting.
16122: What is the True 1st Furry on Scratch? at 7:59:45 AM 21/9/20204434851
Due to the difficulty of determining the “first furry” on this site, I'm just going to say Wing Ngan because he drew the Scratch Cat
16121: What computer Do You Use? at 7:55:47 AM 21/9/20204434845

fdreerf wrote:

zahmbie1 wrote:

it can run KSP, the ultimate stress test so its fine
its from 2012 so i have old boi computer
I think the true test is being able to run any game with over 100 mods on.
Minecraft + 100 copies of Optifine
100+ mods and it'll run better because it's optifine
16120: Among Us (game) at 3:06:01 PM 20/9/20204433180

TapingAnimations wrote:

I wish I has Among Us ;-;
(It's free on ios and android)™
16119: Are &/*$)! and #*§)!@ allowed? at 11:25:12 AM 20/9/20204432676

p2Ep2E wrote:

If you don't use it to insult anyone but, for example, when a creeper blows up your base?
I don't see a problem with using those cartoonish swear substitutes in that context.
16118: waterfox at 7:18:03 AM 20/9/20204432306

bruzzzzz wrote:

fdreerf wrote:

Those tweaks might've caused it to become incompatible with Scratch, or it just is so obscure the Scratch Team just doesn't support it.
Why not just use Firefox?
waterfox is more private with data
What version of Firefox is whatever version of Waterfox you're using based on?
16117: please hack my website at 4:23:10 AM 20/9/20204432141

god286 wrote:

Jeffalo wrote:

RichieNB wrote:

Jeffalo what happened to the server
probably was updating the code on the server
Did you find me spamming the cfu id cookie hoping for it to work?
Tried that before, didn't work for me (it's not 50 characters long anyway)
16116: What computer Do You Use? at 4:21:10 AM 20/9/20204432139

fdreerf wrote:

ElsieBreeze wrote:

I want to say around 1,500 GBP, but I'm not entirely sure on the raw figures.
You could've bought a house with that much.
technically the truth!
16115: Increase PFP size at 3:41:48 PM 19/9/20204430920

SquirreIstar wrote:

p2Ep2E wrote:

SquirreIstar wrote:

There is a way to get yourself a high-resolution profile picture like I have, though.
1. Go to a GIF-creating website like ezgif
2. Upload your profile picture as a frame
3. Duplicate the frame (it will not work if you don't do this)
4. Download the finished gif
5. Set it as your profile picture
I've observed that pretty interesting trick, though GIFs are limited in the color space (you can tell when you get a close up of your pfp that there's a decent amount of dithering going on).

As for OP's suggestion, I don't see a need to increase the max resolution that you can have your pfp at since all the images of it are far smaller than 500x500 on the website - the site would have to be designed with much larger user icons for me to see a benefit in having larger pfp images.
16114: Among Us (game) at 11:21:04 AM 19/9/20204430455

-InsanityPlays- wrote:

Wow there are so many duplicates of this and none for Henry Stickmin.
among us popping off rn

-InsanityPlays- wrote:

Art or animation? Because I'm bad at animating and good at art.
Anyway, this belongs in Collaborations.
They were asking more for advice on how to get people to notice their request for some art rather than actually asking - they've already got two other topics in the collab forum for that