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15764: Minecraft Official Topic at 11:34:51 AM 8/8/20204305962

Maximouse wrote:

excelguru wrote:

I found a scratch user claiming to be the official minecraft account (i doubt it): @Minecraft_Official
I'm sure it isn't an official account, so I reported it. There are multiple reasons why:
  • Saying “Mojang®” and “Minecraft™”: the official names are just Mojang Studios and Minecraft, without unnecessary symbols.
  • Screenshots are either taken from the Minecraft website or entirely random things.
  • Projects are pretty low quality.
  • Using Handwriting font in projects – the real Mojang team would either use Scratch's Pixel font or one of the Minecraft font.
And so on. I think this was enough proof.
I think it's fine because I see it more as being informative (giving explanation as to how the particular art style will probably require remixes to do more work on them to have something different that still looks good) rather than trying to be restrictive.
15762: Scratch Forum Post Counts at 10:19:59 AM 8/8/20204305826

Boomer001 wrote:

Set my status to: Press alt+F4 anywhere for free follows.
And my banner color: #0136e2
I've seen people make web browsers and livestreams using Scratch with the assistance of some external server manipulating cloud variables years ago, though those projects have been taken down due to the potential for abuse. I'm not sure if it's even technically possible now since the ST may have locked down access to cloud variables more since 3.0
15760: Pokémon Gen 4 GTS Discussion at 9:45:48 AM 8/8/20204305770

M1mikyu wrote:

How is this still possible??
Basically, some guy decided to start collecting network data coming from Nintendo WFC while they played Mario Kart and managed to gather enough information that they could reconstruct WFC's functionality once the official servers were to go down.
There's more information as to how the Wiimmfi Project came about on this page.
15759: The Pokémon Topic at 8:53:49 AM 8/8/20204305664

M1mikyu wrote:

Sobble was my favorite starter. And I like Intelleon. It’s Leon, but intelligent.
Leon if he knew directions
15758: How Big Is The Screen? at 4:36:55 AM 8/8/20204305256

salvation_ wrote:

-Zyte- wrote:

480x360 for projects.
Thanks! Just double checking 480X 360Y?
Yes - X goes first, Y goes second. That's how it works with coordinates, and it does with screen resolution sizes as well
.sb2ファイルを.sb3ファイルに変換するには、Scratch 3エディタを開いて「コンピューターから読み込む」をクリックするだけです。.sb2ファイルを選択すると、Scratch 3にインポートされると自動的に.sb3ファイルに変換されるはずです。

15756: The Pokémon Topic at 3:14:47 PM 7/8/20204302897

M1mikyu wrote:

also this happened
lettuce mask
15755: iv'e got a question about scratchstats at 10:43:37 AM 7/8/20204302049
What I do know about how that follower count works is that it updates more frequently for more popular Scratchers as they're likely to get multiple followers per day, there'll be more people interested in their follower count and there's not a ton of Scratchers popular enough to warrant updating that info every couple hours. For less popular Scratchers, it updates closer to every few days to a week from what I've seen. This helps keep the number of requests that World_Languages is sending to Scratch's servers low.
15754: Miiverse Posts Forum at 8:06:55 AM 7/8/20204301758

ThatOneWeirdDude wrote:


poor scoot.
hey all scoot here and WHAT is this? It's only been 22 minutes?
This is one of the reasons as to why I stopped making Scratch projects lol

I think the reasons for the report reasons being vague are because
- The descriptions are basic and don't contain a lot of words, so it's easy to read
- A lot of parents and teachers want to ensure that the site that their children are going on is nice, friendly and protective and I doubt Scratch would want to be held liable for some inappropriate content that one of their users made
- If you deliberately leave it vague, there's not a clear boundary between what would be acceptable and what isn't allowed at all so it may convince kids not to make edgy (relative to Scratch's other stuff) content
15752: The Animal Crossing New Horizons Topic at 7:47:39 AM 7/8/20204301723

ScratchEmm999 wrote:

NonstickCorgi65 wrote:

My switch is too full of storage…

I take too many animal crossing screenshots…

Smash Bros. can't update…

My dad needs to buy a bigger memory card…

oh no…
I fully understand

*there is no more room on my switch for me to take pictures of/with flick*
and how many would that be?
It must be a Safari issue - tested on both Google Chrome and Firefox and this didn't happen to me
15750: The Animal Crossing New Horizons Topic at 12:56:13 PM 6/8/20204299035

JuneandBabyThor wrote:

Why does Nintendo always make online things have codes?
Because Nintendo is behind other video game companies when it comes to how to do online stuff, particularly with the Switch?

Maximouse wrote:

CatsUnited wrote:

The map extension thing was real
How did you make that screenshot? I only see undefined blocks:
There's a copy of “MapScratch”, which I used to make that cool screenshot from here under the 2.0 betas link.
What ThatOneWeirdDude said
15747: Pikmin 3 Deluxe Topic! at 7:44:14 AM 6/8/20204298393
Okay so it's not Hey Pikmin 2
finally, a place where people can debate about whether or not 100 gecs is amazing or if it shouldn't even be classified as music
15745: Move on a more advanced coding language at 10:11:15 AM 5/8/20204295131

LankyBox01 wrote:

Flowermanvista wrote:

HTML is not a programming language. HTML is a markup language (it stands for HyperText Markup Language) and CSS (it stands for Cascading Style Sheets) is a stylesheet language to style HTML. You need to learn JS (JavaScript) to make games and interactive applications - if you know HTML and CSS you can only make web pages.
Yes it is a programming launguage
HTML was designed to act as a tool to allow people to insert data in that a web browser could then read and go “okay, this tag goes here and it has this attribute I'll go add that to the output page” and proceed to render that on the page without having to do any computational stuff. It lacks a ton of features that a real programming language would have like being able to define variables (CSS is quite a bit closer to being an actual programming language in that regard since you can do that).