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if <([costume number v] of [Sprite1 v]) = (1)> then
... :: grey stack // do your stuff
337: Forum Rules at 12:06:28 PM 3/8/20204285538
I don't believe that I have to BUMP 3 hours after I made my post.
Support, it'll help people who are active in the forums like me, but the numbers are too big.

What do you think about this:
New Scratchers: 200 secs
Then post count starts counting here.
1 to 25 posts: 180 secs
26 to 50 posts: 165 secs
51 to 75 posts: 150 secs
76 to 100 posts: 120 secs
101 to 125 posts: 105 secs
126 to 150 posts: 90 secs
151 to 175 posts: 75 secs
176 to 200 posts: 60 secs
201 to 500 posts: 45 secs
500+ posts: 30 secs
You need 2 weeks and 10 hours to get a 30 seconds rule, though.
335: Forum Rules at 10:15:53 AM 3/8/20204285330

fdreerf wrote:

This topic in New Scratchers is stickied by the ST, does that count?
Thanks! It's very helpful.
334: Forum Rules at 9:09:52 AM 3/8/20204285199
So I had my recent post in the Chinese sub-forum about forum etiquette stickied. But then I saw someone saying that the post is a but unreliable. So I would like to ask about (^ for adding how and why did the ST made the rule):
  1. The rule of necroposting ^
  2. The rule of thread hijacking^
  3. The rule of bumping (1 day per bump)
Also, are they allowed to share topics like “I changed my about me section!” and “New project - Blah blah blah”?
333: SCRATCH FORUM || SCRATCH 论坛 at 8:59:01 AM 3/8/20204285173

1328__--5 wrote:

This topic is really great. But some aspects are not clear enough. Moreover, some of the information is not reliable.
看来我要找 ST 解释一下了。
332: SCRATCH FORUM || SCRATCH 论坛 at 8:55:53 AM 3/8/20204285167

1328__--5 wrote:

Why can't you dig the post? How does this affect the Scratch community?

SausageMcSauce wrote:

Byron_Inc wrote:

Maybe 1 week after they become Scratchers.

Some normal Scratchers can still blockspam (partially because the community guidelines does not mention blockspam at all).
Before they can enter the forum for the first time, make them read the forum rules.
Maybe 1 week after they become Scratchers.
329: Ask cs2240541 at 5:56:49 AM 3/8/20204284923
Hi, this forum is for asking questions about Scratch, not questions to a Scratcher. It will be better if you can look for questions you can answer and answer there.
328: Prevent Advertising In Projects at 5:49:03 AM 3/8/20204284914

Spritesmasher wrote:

quite recently, and also i remember ALL of them so in the future if i need it i know where to get it.
(and just so you know i am sure you dont know much about malaysian commercials)
Haha, good point but I never buy things because of our Malaysian commercials even though they are always the few things advertised every time.

Back to the OP, 77.5% support! It's very annoying that people keep advertising. But what if someone says that it's a copied version of another project? And also a quick suggestion: Prevent asking for follows as well.
327: How to see number of blocks? at 5:32:36 AM 3/8/20204284905

-Zyte- wrote:

Well the mods can see it but obviously you aren't a mod. You can go into each Sprite (and the backdrop), left click, and see the delete x blocks selection. Then you can do basic math and done.
Right click I think. I used this to count the blocks in my animation, and it's 2020 blocks. Of course, it will be a hard process when you have a lot sprites.
326: Wrong time? at 10:47:20 AM 2/8/20204282545
It's 8 hours behind me. I think it follows the GMT. So the time zones make it look like it is the wrong time.
325: I want to change mu user... at 10:40:17 AM 2/8/20204282532

Ivy_Zhangyanchu wrote:

XCat wrote:

Unfortunately, no. The only time the Scratch Team will change a username is if it is inappropriate or contains personal information. Hope that helps!
No, whatever, nobody can change usernames on Scratch.

when green flag clicked
ask [Hi! ] and wait
broadcast [hiihaveaproblem v]

when I receive [hiihaveaproblem v]
answer [Hi! I have a problem, I want to change my username.]
broadcast [noyoucannot v]

when I receive [noyoucannot v]
say [Unfortunately, you cannot change your username.]

No, ST does change usernames in rare conditions. Your username (Yes, I mean Ivy_Zhangyanchu) will be a valid one as it shows your full name (or does it?). Another reason is usernames with inappropriate words.
Umm… won't that be using only other people's work?

-InsanityPlays- wrote:

First of all, this belongs in QAS. Second of all, .png, .jpg, .jpeg and .gif are all uploaded as bitmap (.gif uploads many sprites).
Many costumes, uf that's what you mean
322: I want to change mu user... at 5:54:32 AM 2/8/20204282194
Change your user? Do you mean change your username?

Oh no 60 second rule.
321: Add Print function at 5:53:27 AM 2/8/20204282193
320: How do you make a sprite spin? at 2:28:59 AM 2/8/20204282007
when gf clicked
repeat (180)
turn cw (15) degrees
319: PLs make Cloud Limit bigger :| at 2:07:16 AM 2/8/20204281975

Chanceux2 wrote:

Also maybe no one will agree with me on this: I think lists should be Clouds i mean why not? A List of Players is great to know how many pople are on
I like that, but it's in the official list of rejected suggestions.

TOLORS wrote:

1.6 Cloud lists
Cloud variables currently have several restrictions. There can be at most 10 cloud variables per project due to server costs. New Scratchers cannot use cloud variables, for it is easy to misuse them. Cloud variables can only support up to 256 numeric digits to restrict the creation of chat projects; for more information, see #3.1 on this list.

This block would allow you to create lists to be stored on the servers for everyone to see, similar to cloud variables. However, cloud lists would require similar restrictions as listed above, and the issues currently presented with cloud variables would only grow with the addition of cloud lists. You can still use cloud variables to create a list which contains entries everyone can see, but the Scratch Team will not be adding an easy official way to make cloud lists.