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Hey, sorry I came late. That's a pretty good bug report with lots of information. I'm not sure what's going on exactly, but if it happens again can you reach out with from contact us (link in the footer of the page.) I think digging through the details of that issue would be better through there.
It looks like in your project you create clones when you receive a message. Clones can receive messages as well.
Do you have a project where this happens?
How much are you rotating by? If you're changing by 10 degrees and you get to 175 degrees, the next time it runs it will be 185, not 180, so it will keep rotating. Also, be careful around 180, because if you rotate clockwise by 1 degree from 180 it takes you to -179 degrees. So using a > can cause some problems.
Can you link to the project where you're seeing this bug?
We do know about this issue. The problem is that the blocks pallet does not refresh when undoing. If you switch sprites and then come back, the block should be there. Thanks for reporting it, though.
179: remix at 2:51:07 PM 8/10/20204486215
Two things to check: Are you signed in? you can only remix if you're signed in. Also, is it your own project? You can't remix your own project, but you can go to File > Save as a copy.

If it's neither of those things I'll ask for more details.
178: Not Loading All Projects in Studios at 3:10:21 PM 7/10/20204483160
Have you scrolled all the way down? Scroll to the bottom and then keep scrolling, it usually triggers it to load more projects.
177: Projects not appearing in studio. at 3:41:25 PM 5/10/20204476104
If you scroll all the way to the bottom and then try to scroll down a little more, do more projects load?
I've seen this happen before, not with text, but by selecting other elements. You can cause it to happen by holding the option (alt on windows) key while clicking and dragging a part of a costume. Sometimes the option (alt) key gets pressed and it never sees it as becoming un-pressed for some unknown reason.

You might be able to get out of that state by just pressing the option (alt) key so that it can notice the key has been released.
175: Bitmap Art Editor Bug at 5:34:04 PM 28/9/20204454791
I'm curious what you mean by “make art.” Are there particular tools that you use to create the art? Does it have to fill the whole screen? Does it happen if you just draw a big square that fills the editor?

Similarly, I wonder what you mean by “work on code”. Do you have to actually change the code, or just switch to the tab? Do you have to add blocks? Does it matter which blocks? Can you see the changes on the stage as you change the code?

Also, does this happen every time, or just some of the time? Can you make it happen? If you can make it happen, can you save the project and share the result?
Thanks for reporting this! We'll see what we can do about it.
173: Bitmap Art Editor Bug at 3:03:21 PM 28/9/20204454314
I've been unable to reproduce the issue that you're describing. Can you post a project that shows the issue?
172: Warped and Pixelated at 2:12:13 PM 28/9/20204454156
I'm not sure what you mean. Can you post a link to a project that you've seen this with?
171: Unable To Make A Custom Sprite at 2:30:52 PM 25/9/20204446593
What operating system and browser are you using? (you can click the little globe icon above the message field)
170: Projects Glitching at 8:15:32 PM 18/9/20204428960
Can you put a link to your project that this is happening to? If it's more than one, just pick one of them.
169: My Stuff not showing projects at 8:14:22 PM 18/9/20204428954
Does it show places where projects should go? Can you see the tabs on the left side saying “All Projects” etc.?
168: Project saves but doesnt? at 8:09:34 PM 18/9/20204428936
Do you have the same project open in another tab or browser? It's possible that you're saving over it somewhere else, losing your progress.
167: sb3 files keep getting corrupted at 8:47:30 PM 11/9/20204410678
When you say it shows up nothing, do you mean the whole screen is blank? Or do you mean that it shows up as the default project, where you can see the stage and the editor, but none of your blocks and sprites appear?
166: Technical problems! at 6:39:18 PM 11/9/20204410331
What I've noticed after a quick look is that the Ballerina sprite has the code

when backdrop switches to [ casa dia]
switch backdrop to [ casa dia]
more blocks...

removing the “switch backdrop to…” from there makes the code in that project run better. There is something about that pattern that causes problems, and I'm looking into why. I would just avoid it for now.