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389: make a scratch editor dark theme at 9:46:46 PM 16/9/20204423772

Sir_West_l wrote:


Once again, PLEASE use -snip-!
388: make a scratch editor dark theme at 7:56:12 PM 14/9/20204418018

Sir_West_l wrote:


Please use snip when quoting incredibly long topics
387: make a scratch editor dark theme at 5:42:45 PM 4/9/20204391416

AquaThehedgie wrote:


Please remember to be constructive!
386: Testing... at 9:39:25 PM 28/8/20204371401
I'm just testing something out, please do not respond to this OP. Thanks!
385: Forum Security Change!! at 9:45:43 PM 15/8/20204331355

pedro-fan993 wrote:


Please do not post irrelevant posts.
384: make a scratch editor dark theme at 9:42:26 PM 10/8/20204314623

The_Darklands wrote:

Wait, what? Griffpatch is leaving! Click here to watch a Scratch Youtube Video giving information about it.

Please don't post irrelevant things/spam. Also, I don't even have to click that to know it's a Rick-Roll XD
383: make a scratch editor dark theme at 4:07:20 PM 7/8/20204303101

isakov2020 wrote:

Mr_PenguinAlex wrote:


Was that post necessary? Please give feedback on the discussion and stay on topic.

Mr_PenguinAlex wrote:

BlueNoodle29 wrote:

Mr_PenguinAlex wrote:


In the future, please use -snip- when quoting something incredibly long. Thanks!

it wasn't that long

I don't mean to get off topic here, but it was pretty long. It's off topic though, so let's drop it.
381: make a scratch editor dark theme at 7:05:35 PM 30/7/20204274576

LydzWinry wrote:


Um, guys? This is about dark mode, not sleep. Please stay on topic!
380: make a scratch editor dark theme at 7:04:11 PM 30/7/20204274567

CZ2746 wrote:

Snowslash_ wrote:

Yeah! I think we really need a dark mode!

when green flag clicked
if <a dark mode is added to Scratch> then
I will be very happy
Don't spam please!

Instead of telling them not to spam, maybe tell them to be constructive and explain why they support this topic?
Guys, stay on topic, please!
378: Add folders to the My Projects screen at 11:19:33 PM 16/7/20204229443

Mr_PenguinAlex wrote:


In the future, please use -snip- when quoting something incredible long. Thanks!

seattleowl wrote:


Why do you support this? Please remember to be constructive!
376: Show all of your comments at 7:04:08 PM 16/7/20204228791

SilvertheCoder wrote:

Support! I think something like this would be very useful!

Why do you think it would be more useful? Please elaborate more so that you are contributing to the discussion

375: Extra security for ST at 12:46:16 AM 14/7/20204220086

willowmint- wrote:

Hi everyone,

Today I was wondering: what would happen if someone hacked into a ST member's account? Well I think this would be a huge problem, because they would have access to many features like banning other users, etc. So if anyone on the ST was hacked then this could turn out very bad.

So I have a suggestion: The ST should have extra security when they sign into their account, like they have to do 2 passwords or maybe some other security thing. This will make it much less likely for people to hack them so then there will be no danger of someone destroying Scratch.

I think this would help to make sure Scratch stays secure! Please tell me what you think

I can assure you, Scratch is a very safe platform and there is no way to hack someone without knowing their password.
Also, after three incorrect sign in attempts, you are brought to a Captcha page.

Yes, I see how even though this it a minor feature, it would save a lot of time.
373: message at 12:40:55 AM 14/7/20204220073

maaztheprocool_yt wrote:

so i want scratch to remove the right side and make it the left

I don't know - some people would rather have the stage on the right side of the screen, while some people would rather have it on the left. It might prove more useful to allow users to choose where the stage is for them.
372: Sprite Collision Boxes at 12:38:08 AM 14/7/20204220071

This would also help with making platformers, and it would make it easier to do the collision detectors for walls.
371: Password Reporter at 3:28:16 PM 13/7/20204218691

Flowermanvista wrote:

I believe that OP's post might have been misinterpreted - I think that when they say “password”, they meant “a save code in a game” - the OP mentions “progress”. But don't quote me on this, because I'm not 100% sure.

Couldn't you just do that with cloud variables?

-itslucymis- wrote:

when green flag clicked
say [Why do people love plateforme?] for (2) secs

Hello, and welcome to the forums! You are currently in the “suggestions” section where you can give feedback to other people's suggestion or make your own. If you would like to meet other new Scratchers on the forums, please do so here. Have a good day