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66: Sounds sound choppy at 3:35:51 AM 14/5/20204010582

Wainggan wrote:

I sorta fixed it by cutting the start and end of the music. The music part is like this
65: Sounds sound choppy at 12:46:44 AM 14/5/20204010306
Specifically music. The music itself sounds fine, But when I loop the music with a forever loop, there is a noticeable stop when the music ends. how can I make the loop sound smooth?
Could you explain what BEAF is? Cause I honestly have no clue.
So what do you need me to do? Review some scripts? Try and fix bugs? Or code?
62: Cloud Multiplayer Platformer at 12:53:03 AM 13/5/20204007208 Here is level 5. I am out of ideas. Need me to do anything else?
61: Anyone wanna collab? at 10:32:11 PM 12/5/20204006841
I'm not good at art or animations, but I am pretty good in coding.
60: using shift key at 10:29:27 PM 12/5/20204006835
You could use other game-making software such as Unity.

steveomom24 wrote:

BillNyeTheKGBSpy wrote:

I'm not interested in being voice actor, and I am not good at art, but I can help code and put things together, maybe organize everyone?
Ok. Just tell me what you need me to do.
Uno multiplayer sounds interesting. I can help.
I'm not interested in being voice actor, and I am not good at art, but I can help code and put things together, maybe organize everyone?
Could you specify what you need help with?
55: OS Colab at 8:26:04 PM 12/5/20204006364
That is much harder to do than it sounds, especially on scratch.
54: ? at 8:25:04 PM 12/5/20204006359
The collaboration forums are for people to collaborate on projects, making chatting with group members easy.

I would suggest you don't make comments like these on this forum. You can ask these type of questions on the “Questions about Scratch” forum.
53: Anyone wanna collab? at 8:21:56 PM 12/5/20204006345
Could you specify what you want to make?
Is Perlin Noise a specific algorithm? Or is it a synonym for random terrain generation? You can make a terrain generator with this block
(pick random () to ())
51: How to Get Sprites to Stop Bouncing at 8:12:18 PM 12/5/20204006307
Your code makes it so only the specific sprite that is chasing the player will stop if touching player. All other sprites will continue moving. The music won't stop because you have a forever loop in your sprite. The forever loop will make Megalovania play forever. If you need help making changes, just let me know.
50: How to Get Sprites to Stop Bouncing at 8:08:40 PM 12/5/20204006294
Looking into it.
49: using shift key at 8:03:25 PM 12/5/20204006269
I don't think so.
Make a sprite that is whatever you want the mouse pointer to be
go to [mouse pointer v]
I'm not sure if you can get your custom pointer OVER the real pointer, but you can use this.

tte4e5 wrote:

Thank you so much BillNyeTheKGBSpy! You are really helpful.

I just have the last question:

Is there a way of replacing ‘Repeat until touching hedgehog’ with a function that moves the fox next to him, not touching him, so it feels like there is some distance between them both when they chat?

Thank you so much again!

Really sorry for the late reply. I didn't see this post until today. You can specify how far you want him to move with the
glide (Amount of time) secs to x: (Wherever) y: (Wherever)
That will make him move smoothly to the place you want.