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83: Help Me Make a Card Game at 11:56:13 AM 5/7/20204192834

-Ento- wrote:

Does shuffling go like this?

repeat (50)
replace item ((pick random (1) to (20)) v) of [deck v] with (pick random (1) to (20))
Yes as far as I am aware that would create a successful shuffle (providing you had 20 items on the list). I have also sent a message to you on your profile, I would appreciate a response, thanks!
82: Cool codes you can try at 11:52:26 AM 5/7/20204192830
I suggest you move this to the show and tell forums, because this isn't the right place. You also said ‘define 999’ but you never actually used 999 in any codes? *Confusion* I'm @AcidRocks by the way, Programmer in HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript and Python. Great to meet you!
81: ScratchCon! at 11:50:21 AM 5/7/20204192824
This is a great idea, I suggest you head to the suggestions forum. This will make it more likely for the Scratch Team to add this as a day for Scratch. I'm @AcidRocks by the way, Programmer in HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript and Python. Great to meet you!
Hello there, awesome idea! Maybe at some point we could do a collaboration as I have nearly 4 years of experience with cloud variables and am a developer in my spare time. I know HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript and Python; great to meet you!
Yes I have heard of this bug before, lets hope they sort it. Scratch sometimes doesn't fix minor bugs until a major bug comes up which needs fixing.
I'm really interested to find out how these save codes work as I am shortly releasing an advanced game where you are trapped on an island. Yeah pretty random! If anyone needs any technical help I'm the one to ask, I'm experienced in HTML, CSS, PHP, Python and Javascript. Thanks!
I think if you are hoping to get popular through this film ‘famous Scratcher’ films are the way to go, it means that there is less artwork and it can be really short depending on what the films about. It could be there is a evil Scratcher trying to get more in power so he creates a project to hypnotise to make the famous Scratchers under his power. This is just a random idea, don't forget to credit the famous Scratchers OC's.
Yes Deck26 is right.
75: Sonic 2 Beta Expanded at 9:36:06 AM 5/7/20204192582
Nope I just really want to help out fellow Scratchers, I'm experienced in HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and Python so yeah! XD
74: Cool codes you can try at 9:21:55 AM 5/7/20204192556
Hello! Try and include what this script does, inexperienced users might not understand what you mean Thanks!
73: I Don't Know What To Code at 9:16:35 AM 5/7/20204192542
Scratch isn't just about coding, the community is important as well! I know some users who simply use Scratch because of the safe and fun games. This is fine and you should make the most of it, I do recommend you make an effort though as it would help you fit in with the Scratch community. I'm experienced in HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python and PHP so if any user needs any help they are welcome to ask! There are also tons of tutorials here on Scratch about creating different games etc. @Cloud-Multiplayer offers a wide range of online based game tutorials.
72: Character Limit for Usernames? at 9:14:31 AM 5/7/20204192537
Yep the minimum is three and the maximum is 20, you would need to have a good encoding and decoding system as if this was online using cloud variables (cloud variables don't support letters, only numbers).
Hi there, I would be happy to offer my programming abilities here at this shop, I can build websites and am experienced in HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and Python. You could write me down as a ‘Programmer’ as I also offer help with Scratch projects, I have created several advanced cloud systems over my 4 year period of being on Scratch.
70: Sonic 2 Beta Expanded at 9:10:06 AM 5/7/20204192524
Looks interesting, if you ever need any help making it multiplayer you can always ask me as I have nearly 4 years experience in multiplayer (online) games. Despite my new Scratcher status I have been creating stuff and having accounts on Scratch for a very long time Thanks!
69: how to make a gravity script at 9:08:03 AM 5/7/20204192521
Hi there, I actually have no idea whatsoever that you are asking if you ask a question like ‘How do I fix the backpack?’ I might be able to help you?
68: I am WAY TOOO good at coding at 9:06:03 AM 5/7/20204192518
Yes boasting about your coding abilities isn't good. I'm experienced in multiple programming languages including HTML, CSS, Python, PHP and Javascript but I don't always tell people I am. There are so many things that you can do, take a look at griffpatch's coding, aim for stuff like that! XD
Hello! This forum really should be closed, I've no idea why they have still got it open because according to my knowledge this issue has been fixed (it was fixed in the same week as they discovered the issue).
66: Search Bug at 9:00:22 AM 5/7/20204192503
Hello there, this isn't a bug the Scratch Team have done this intentionally as its how a search engine works it just searches for things including ‘ ’. Sorry I couldn't help much! I saw your other forum as well. I'm experienced in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and Python if you need any programming help in anyway.
65: Go to layer () at 8:57:51 AM 5/7/20204192498
Hello there? Could you please expand on what you are asking? I kind of understand what you mean but it isn't very clear. Thanks!
Hi there, I'm not sure you are looking in the right place, Scratch is a place mainly for children and users wanting to learn code, not a teaching platform. I'm not sure you will have any luck in finding people here. I suggest you try looking on other social media platforms, sorry I couldn't help much!