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77: New scratcher - Scratcher at 8:42:19 PM 30/8/20204376843
To become scratcher, you need to be at least 2 weeks on your alt.

am395397 wrote:

A-qua wrote:

am395397 wrote:


The New Scratcher Forum is used to new scratcher introduce themself. Not 4 Fun.
oh please, I' letting new scratchers introduce themselves to me so I can check out their projects!

I said the “lol” text, that why, just edit that to a normal post
75: me & my friend are new to scratch at 8:16:43 PM 17/8/20204336902
Welcome to Scratch!

am395397 wrote:


The New Scratcher Forum is used to new scratcher introduce themself. Not 4 Fun.
73: I am a new scratcher! at 8:11:37 PM 17/8/20204336892
Wwelcome to Scratch!
72: Why isn't this simple code working? at 8:10:05 PM 17/8/20204336886

Firesoldier999 wrote:

I tried to make some custom functions to display text but the code, which is simple, strangely doesn't work.

I recomend to close the topic if the question has been answered
71: how to make cartoon at 8:08:12 PM 17/8/20204336883
Be more precise please
69: im making a scratch 4.0 concept at 5:48:37 PM 17/8/20204336514
when stop clicked

Maybe, but thats already banned from scratch team ideas
68: Hockey and Soccer games at 5:43:43 PM 17/8/20204336502
Be more precise please.
67: Why isn't this simple code working? at 5:42:43 PM 17/8/20204336497

UnconstructivePoster wrote:

The problem is that you're using the “text” variable, which only represents a value when it's used in the definition of the “write” function, in the script for the clone - you can't use a function parameter anywhere besides in that function. If you move the entire clone script into the definition of “write”, above “create clone of myself”, the letters print out fine (since the clone will inherit whatever state its parent sprite is in when it's created, meaning that it'll start out showing and switched to whatever costume it should be switched to). I probably butchered some terminology in this explanation

Also: currently the repeat loop in your “write” function stops immediately upon reaching the last letter in “text”, meaning that the last letter doesn't get printed out. One way to fix this would be to replace “repeat until x = length of text” with “repeat (length of text)”, which ensures that the loop reaches each letter. Alternatively, you could change the initial x value to 0 and move the “change x by 1” to the beginning of the loop.

EDIT: nevermind. Please disregard this post.

I agree

How to make a Live Countdown?

Heya! I got a BIG BIG Problem: How to make a live countdown? I am making a game and have fixed the release date so I would like to make countdown to just notify other scratchers when my project is done? Also Will I have to use Cloud Variables?

What Do I need to use?

  • Cloud Variables?
  • Variables?

Reaply 4 Good

Please reply with the answer, not for fun or getting posts. That is REALLY important.

Thanks for reading, Bye and Reply xD!

65: Choppy Vector Editor at 5:13:44 PM 17/8/20204336422

sportfan999 wrote:

Fun_Cupcake_i81 wrote:

Hmmmm, it's working fine for me. Are you sure you don't have your shift key jammed down or something? The rectangle tool only makes squares when shift is held down.
I'm on a laggy, glitchy computer, so that might be it!

I think that too

crazymemesmaker wrote:

if you are a new scratcher

(((((((((Welcome to scratch)::#ff0000)::#ff8000))::#ffff00)::#00ff00)::#)))::#ffffff)

I don't understand that…
63: New Scratch at 6:47:35 PM 13/8/20204324309
Welcome to Scratch!

GoldenApple1000 wrote:

set [ 1--01-0-2oe02oe] to [1-312-eo2-oe]

Is that out of the topic?
61: Gobo's Tail? at 6:02:45 PM 10/8/20204313909
Sorry, this post dont fit the topic …
60: Hello every one! at 1:30:13 PM 9/8/20204309499
Welcope to Scratch!
59: I’m new to Scratch!!!!!! at 1:28:41 PM 9/8/20204309493
Why dkd he deleted his username?
58: Comment faire un jeu en ligne? at 6:24:41 AM 9/8/20204308777
Je vais essayer de te trouver en francais..