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Forkphorus can see all projects and can be imbedded in websites.
526: How to get popular on Scratch at 11:46:44 AM 16/9/20204422262

fdreerf wrote:

Getting popular isn't about hundreds of followers or getting 3rd on trending; it's to have a community like you. You could be popular with 10 followers, or hated with 10,000. Simply be friendly, make good things, and participate in the community, and you'll have some following.
I literally could have not written it any better than this, this hits home. I think that even then, Scratch isn’t about popularity. It’s about creating and sharing new ideas with the community.
525: Are lists assets? at 12:00:08 PM 11/9/20204409304

-Zyte- wrote:

1. I'm pretty sure lists and variables are stored in the JSON file, not as assets.
2. I'm not sure. Maybe it's to prevent abuse? But that's probably not the reason. Well, assets have a 10 MB limit, so the code having only 5 MB is actually not that bad, and 5 MB can hold appx. 20000 blocks and some lists things, according to flowermanvista.
When you drag a list into your backpack, it does not save the contents inside it. Also, in the project JSON file, there is no visible point where the list contents are defined. My best guess is that if you have a list containing a lot of data (like 100,00+ items), Scratch might take a second to load it as assets. Because text takes up so little data, the loading time is spent loading bigger files like images and sounds.

SquirreIstar wrote:

xXRedTheCoderXx wrote:

Za-Chary wrote:

Yeah, we don't allow kissing in role-plays, regardless of the sexual orientation of the characters who are doing the kissing.
Yes, that's what I thought. But what about when they kiss like, as a greeting? Because in some countries kissing is a greeting. Would that be allowed?

Sorry if I'm derailing this topic.
As far as I know platonic kissing is okay
I think it would be a good idea just to steer away from it anyway because you could just say some greeting, such as a hug or verbal greet
523: What do you use to run Scratch? at 3:19:37 PM 10/9/20204406902

fireincarnate wrote:

garnetluvcookie wrote:

I think OP is asking what OS we use to run the editor. I use Windows 10 and Chrome most of the time, but sometimes I use macOS and Chrome.
That's actually pretty interesting.
I use MacOS (I hope to use Windows someday) and varying browsers (Mostly Firefox, but sometimes Chrome).
I can usually run a good variety of Scratch projects on my iPad in Chrome, but when I work on bigger projects the code doesn’t render very well on the IPad so I use Chrome on Windows.

theCoolStuffUser wrote:

I'm making a Tool-Assisted Speedrun on scratch and it really hates me. (No emoji exists to show this level of frustration)

Scratch 3.0 has decided that it can't do the same thing the same way twice in a row. Every time I run the TAS, a little bit of freak lag slips in and mercilessly tears it apart by the seams. I am getting very, very, VERY tired of this!!!!! and fast!!!!!

when green flag clicked
think [annoy the HECK out of me!!!!!!!!]
My best guess is that you might be running a def. block with no screen refresh inside another. This usually causes mysterious lag spikes.
521: Scratch Search Bar at 3:14:37 PM 2/9/20204384724
I made an improved Scratch search bar that finds usernames.
520: I Need help With signatures at 3:12:11 PM 2/9/20204384712
OP got their answer, so I’ll report it to be closed
519: Question at 3:10:46 PM 2/9/20204384705
I meant -Snippet- but rightfully messed up while joining. And that’s it.
518: Music copyright at 3:09:31 PM 2/9/20204384697
I’ve seen copyrighted sounds user everywhere on Scratch, so it’s probably fine. Just make sure to give credits.
It is possible to render videos in a pen player, but they require external scripting like python to convert a video into a string.
516: scratch at 3:06:44 PM 2/9/20204384686
Personally, as like the old blocks on the forum because they are more compact.
515: Why is purple the default color? at 7:38:44 PM 1/9/20204382796

Bluebatstar wrote:

This might answer your question.
This, and why not?
514: Cloud lists at 1:54:39 PM 1/9/20204381805

SuperSean12 wrote:

SausageMcSauce wrote:

If they were implemented in Scratch, it would magnify existing issues with cloud variables, and it could make it easier to make free chat projects (which are not allowed on Scratch).

That is why they are rejected.
they would be removed tho
Yes, but the ST would have a lot more preventable work on their hands.
513: All projects have dissapeared at 4:02:42 PM 31/8/20204379091
I’m trusting that Scratch’s backend wouldn’t delete all of a user’s projects, so could it be a user side error? I can’t imagine someone accidentally or purposely deleting all of their projects. Could your daughter have used a different account?
512: List will not respond. at 3:20:12 PM 31/8/20204378901
Can you elaborate on your problem? What do you mean by you list not responding?
511: Cookie variables [read!] at 3:18:47 PM 31/8/20204378893

scratchastroLOL wrote:

what about cookie lists?
That might work better as local storage
The sound input for Scratch is very limited, so you could only test the loudness, not the pitch.

MasterBuilderGRM wrote:

Should we REPORT if someone ask F4F?
It does not go against the community guidelines, so no. If they spam you for it, yes.
Speaking from experience, the joy of fame only lasts a bit anyway, even if you honorably earned it. So if you were to F4F you would get the ~same number of views that you would if you didn’t F4F.