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I bet one of the previous comments will be deleted, though, so POST 500 (hopefully, eventually)
umm…can someone explain the F thing? I think I'm misinterpreting it…

-ShadowsHiding- wrote:

Welcome to the Mystic Horse shop! We offer all kinds of services, and are almost always hiring!

Things We Sell:
Project Ideas
Voice Acting
Beta Testing

If you want to buy something from our shop, copy+paste the below into a post on this page and fill it out.

Buying Form
Username(Please just fill this out. There is a reason):
What you want to buy:
Colors(If art):
Suggestions to improve the shop:

Now we get to the fun part! Hiring YOU! Before you fill out the form however, you must meet the laws I know, I know, you don't want to. But you have to.

If you don't meet all the requirements, you can sign up as a trainee, and then when you meet the requirements you can get promoted to a full member. There may be special circumstances where you do not have to meet all the requirements to become a full member.
1: Even if a customer is being disrespectful, be respectful to them. However, as always, if necessary report them.
2: To apply you must have been on Scratch for 3 weeks.
2.1: To apply, you must be on Scratch for at least 1 hour per week.
2.2:You must have three projects
2.3: You must have the word “42” in your job application somewhere.
3. You must be following this post
4. You must respond to activity checks
5.No cursing

NOW we get to the fun part-what job do you want? You can three jobs total. You can only get one job in the BoD and just one job as a Department Head. If you are the head of a department, you may not be an assistant in the same department.

Available Jobs:
Founder: @-ShadowsHiding- Desc. Controls everything MWAHAHAHA
President: @LBormi Desc. Also controls everything, but can be overruled by founder.
Secretaries: @OurPrincess and @redpumper10Desc. Ports all jobs to the UNTC (Untaken Center) and UIPC(Unfinished In Progress Center)
Assistant Secretary: AVAILABLE Desc. When the Secretary temporarily or permanently leaves Scratch the Assistant takes over. If the Secretary's absence is permanent, the Assistant become the new Secretary.
Chairman:@PinkPrincess25 Desc. Can hire/fire members with approval of founder.

Class A (Department Leaders)
Chief Manager: AVAILABLE Desc. Shows skill in all departments. Is leader of all departments. Also on the BoD, but I decided to put it here anyways.
Chief Art:@PinkPrincess25 Desc. Controls Art Department, can make decisions that only impact Art Department
Chief Animations: AVAILABLE Desc. Controls Animations Department, can make decisions that only impact Animations Department
Chief Coder: AVAILABLE Desc. Controls Code Department, can make decisions that only impact Code Department
Chief ASCII Art: AVAILABLE Desc. Controls ASCII Department, can make decisions that only impact ASCII Department
Chief Project Ideas: AVAILABLE Desc. Controls Project Ideas Department, can make decisions that only impact Project Ideas Department
Chief Voice Acting: AVAILABLE Desc. Controls Voice Acting Department, can make decisions that only impact Voice Acting Department
Chief Game Reviewing: @swing4 Desc. Controls Game Reviewing Department, can make decisions that only impact Game Reviewing Department
Chief Beta Testing: AVAILABLE Desc. Controls Beta Testing Department, can make decisions that only impact Beta Testing Department
Chief Story Writer: @OurPrincess Desc. Controls Story Department, can make decisions that only impact Story Department
Chief Advertisements: AVAILABLE Desc. Controls Advertisements Department, can make decisions that only impact Advertisements Department

Class B
Recruit: Passed training and works in a department. I'm not going to give a description for these because it should be obvious. If you work in the code department you make code. It's simple.Also, there is a maximum of three people per department. We can make it larger, shrink it, or destroy it as is necessary to match the needs of our customers.
Voice Acting: (@StrangerThingsFan365,AVAILABLE,AVAILABLE)
Beta Testing: (@swing4,AVAILABLE,AVAILABLE)

Academy (Also Class C)
Trainee: Does not meet all requirements, for now can work in any department
Special Member: A friend or alt account that you want in Tropical Waves.
NOTE: I said controls everything. I may make minor changes on my own, but anything major I will call a BoD vote on.

Fill out this form to become an employee:
Username and alt accounts:
How active are you on Scratch? (Out of ten):
Preferred job position:
Have you read the terms?:
Are you following this post?:
Why should we pick you over others?:
Strikes: If you have a * next to your name it means you broke the rules once. If you get three strikes you are fired.

List of employees:

We aren't in any federations currently, but we would happily join one as long as there IS NO CURRENCY involved!

Pinkprincess25 wrote:

Username and alt accounts: Pinkprincess25
How active are you on Scratch? (Out of ten): 10
Preferred job position: Chief Art/Chair Woman
Have you read the terms?: Yes
Are you following this post?: Yes
Why should we pick you over others?: I am a hard worker with a business mind. I have my own Scratch business and podcast. I have a passion for art and am on frequently to fulfill request and 42 is my lucky number
YES accepted. We need artists.

OurPrincess wrote:

-ShadowsHiding- wrote:


icArslanKa wrote:

-ShadowsHiding- wrote:


Yes…I thought this was mostly a Chinese thing until our schools got shut down…my brother thought he had it rough because he had to coplete a 5-page math packet (3rd grade) so then I showed him my seventeen or so tabs of work I had to do today His reaction was hilarious he actually thought I was faking it and when he saw I wasn't he was so mad…
Sorry I've been inactive, haven't had much time to get on Scratch (due to school closures (due to coronavirus)) I'll hopefully be more active now. Anyone else have their school closed here due to COVID-19?

Sheep_maker wrote:

The touching blocks are very slow because they have to compare every pixel of a sprite. Outside of Scratch, people usually use math for collisions

I'm not exactly sure what you'd want a touching colour thing for. If you want to get the colour of a pixel at a certain point on a <canvas>, you can use ctx.getImageData(x, y, 1, 1)
Thanks! Wasn't exactly what I was looking for, but I can definitely (and will!) use it to get the desired effect. Thank you!
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funkypigeon565 wrote:

Oh my gosh sorry my little sister stole my computer and somehow wound up here
222: Find the problem! at 5:24:32 PM 10/3/20203868149

dominic305 wrote:

Sorry if this is the wrong forum…

Be first to spot the problem in these and I'll give you a love:
when gf clicked
move (3) steps
clear all :: pen
turn cw (18) degrees
There's no pen down
I'm trying to create a simple program to pixelate images, but I would need some sort of pseudo-class, or something along those lines, that essentially tells what color the CSS element is touching. Does anyone know of anything like that? I can't find anything…Please help!

xxHam_Sandwichxx wrote:

Username and alt accounts: xxHam_Sandwichxx I don’t have any alt accounts but this is not my first account
How active are you on Scratch? (Out of ten): 9
Preferred job position: Chief voice actor
Have you read the terms?: Yes
Are you following this post?: Yes
Why should we pick you over others?: You should pick me over others because I have multiple years of experience on scratch and experience as a leader in shops as I have owned my own shops before. Also, I have a strong speaking voice and I can sing quite well.
Accepted! But heed the spam warning. Also, we have a voice acting order that needs completion right now.
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I will repost this as many times is necessary to get people to start snipping!
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please snip quotes. please.

whiteandblackcat wrote:

-ShadowsHiding- wrote:

I've reported @floatingmuffihs !
What do you mean?
Floatingmuffihs made an account to imitate floatingmuffins, so I reported them
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GreenLloydNinja wrote:

i do not get it
What don't you get?
212: The Strawberry Shop! at 4:32:17 PM 26/2/20203853976
YAY! I got Human Resources!

pinkiepie710 wrote:

BoD Results

I said they'd be out soon, and they really are this time! Seriously, so few people applied this time that it didn't take too long to decide. Thanks to everyone who did apply! Honestly, you'd all be great, but we can only pick one of each, so… (That's right, no surprise additions to the BoD this time!)

And without further ado… TaterTime will be our new 2VP, and congyingzhou will be our new Assistant Secretary! For those of you who don't know (which is most of you), TaterTime is actually KittenDude172's new account. I would've made him the Assistant Secretary just so I could make him be his sister's assistant but I'm not that mean

And thus completes the transformation of all of the Presidents of the Emerald Shop into foods… (Pie, Muffins, and Tater!)
<screams in a closet>