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206: The Strawberry Shop at 6:04:13 PM 15/2/20203841803
I have the best bump design for the future -


msQiChen6 wrote:

sure, but before we hire you please fill out the form

LBormi wrote:

What is happening? People just keep saying, “I love this thing!” or “That's a cool feature!”

What the turds?
I'm also confused…
203: The Strawberry Shop at 9:22:39 PM 14/2/20203840405
Username: -ShadowsHiding-
Which of the following can you do (Logos, Animations, Ideas, Art, Scripting, Music, Writing, Emojis, Reviews, Debugging, Sound Affects, Background, Intros & Outros, Advertising, Voice Acting, Text Art, Sprites, Logos, GIF's, BBCode, Banners, Signatures): Ideas, Very simple art, scripting, writing, emojis, reviews, debugging, background, BBCode, Not-too-complex banners, signatutes
How active are you (1-10)?:10
Experience in other shops: TES and the Mystic Horse Shop
Total time on scratch: around 3 years, this account is relatively new
Are you following this thread?: yes
Why should we choose you?: I am from TES and I'm experienced
Did you read the requirements? (found at the end of this post): yes
Did you read the terms? (found in another post here): muffins

VioIet- wrote:

Oh, that's very nice! I have been hoping for something like this to come out.

UlianaBluebell wrote:

say [nice!][/quote]
I am confused by both of these comments...

pinkiepie710 wrote:

So close! Twelve more minutes!
time to make a banner and/or steal the link to shadows' banner lol
it's ok to steal the link…

LBormi wrote:

hiring people
Thanks for hiring them! I hope this shop is busier in the future…

weikefei wrote:

Today is the Emerald Shop Anniversary?
Yes. Actually in a few hours still I think, but yes, today is the DAY and my banner was underappreciated for being early lol
Great! I know this goes in debugging as a separate post, but can you please try to work on the vertical line costumes disappearing glitch next? I know you probably won't, but if you do, thanks!
I have made a banner…I will post it tomorrow if I remember

Sorry for the off-topic post… I forgot… My banner will make up for that

FloatingMuffins wrote:

Did anyone realise that tomorrow is the one year anniversary of the creation of TES 3.0?
REALLY? HOW DID WE ALL MISS THAT!?!? I wonder if I can throw together a banner…

wave678 wrote:

congyingzhou wrote:

b1048546 wrote:

(When I don’t get picked I won’t be surprised because I’m the youngest worker here.)
Are you? I consider myself as pretty young.

pinkiepie710 in TIPS, 2019 wrote:

Wait I work for somebody that's 4 years younger than me?
what is the problem with my luck I always get accidental new pages

most of the pepole on here are older then me some of the new comments in the studio are saying they liked stuff science 6th grade…im in 6th grade so……yea and I also get accidental pages

I'm also in sixth grade! What classes are you taking? I'm taking Math 6/7/8, Strings 6, Service Learning 6, Social Studies 6, Pre-Spanish, Science 6, English AP, and a Virtual Course for Graphic Design (High School Credit)
Username: -ShadowsHiding-
What position you're applying for: Assistant Secretary
How active are you: (1-10): 10
Experience in other shops: The Mystic Horse Shop, The Custom Block Shop, and The Emerald Shop
What contributions have you made to the shop?: I have completed many order (more than other people), helped with a very extensive project (@kandy13's The Empire), and have just generally been a good helper/employee
What would some of your first actions be?: Make sure that the UOC and anything else that needs to be updated IS updated, if it's not and has been at least a day I will make a new one. I would also try to get people to take more orders, we have many employees but few actually take orders and/or are active on the forum/studio.
Why should we pick you?: In addition to what I have mentioned above, I have had (and I AM having) actual secretarial duties as the (Teacher elected and appointed) secretary for my middle school's Junior Beta. I have to record everything that happens in the meetings, plan (This is the only time teachers actually listen…and the leader of Junior Beta isn't actually a teacher so I'm not sure if that even counts ), and write. A lot. In other words, I have irl experience.

pinkiepie710 wrote:

Chairman Results

Hey guys! I know it's been a while, but all of the applications were amazing and it took a long time for Muffins and I to decide who should get the position of Chairman. In the end, we weren't even able to decide on just one person…

That's right, there's two Chairmen now! Well, it's a Chairman and a Vice Chairman, but it's still two Chairmen! The Vice Chairman is kind of like the Assistant Secretary, they help the Chairman out with their duties and fill in for the Chairman when absent.

And without further ado, the Chairman results! -DancerRJV- will be the Chairman, and cubbywindowsdpc will be the Vice Chairman! Congratulations to them!

Aaaaand now we need a new Secretary. Or really, we need to promote the Assistant and get a new Assistant. Sigh.
And don't forget the VP!
Employee Application Form
Username: -ShadowsHiding-
Job: Assistant Secretary
Have you had any experience with shops?:yes
Have you had any experience with currencies?:no, and I do not like them, but these seem like a moderated version so I'm ok with it
How active are you (1-10)?:As of no, 10
Why do you want to be an employee?: Because I want to help people.
Do you promise you will follow the Code of Conduct?: yes

Account Form
Username: -ShadowsHiding-
Do you promise to follow the Code of Conduct?: yes