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Creating some mazer by MazersPack in New Scratchers

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1: MazersPack wrote at 7:56:00 AM 16/9/20204421973
You can count on me!
when [WASD v] key pressed
set [Arrow v] to [WASD]
when green flag clicked
set [MazerMazer v] to [MazersPack]
stop [MazerMazer]
I moved in MazerMazer!
2: MazersPack wrote at 8:02:13 AM 16/9/20204421983
All users can create packs!
Hint? Contact us!
Add projects
add [example] to [Projects]
I will get in my messages!
broadcast [Forum v]
Now, I will wait on discussion!
when I receive [Forum v]
say [3 Messages] for (2) secs
switch costume to [Turn guests v]
say (did post) for (2) secs
set [did post] to [Welcome to me!]
3: MazersPack wrote at 8:32:58 AM 16/9/20204422019
Sharing projects is fun!
set [Projects shared v] to [93]
Others can remix them!
if <not <(username) = (current [(username)])>> then
add [Allow remixes] to [Permission]
Please fave some examples!
Just click the block!
If cannot run please do this:
set [Help v] to [Blocks]
Love and fave if more errors!
If more than 1 it is gray, help or I will spit you!
if <(Loves) > [1]> then
set [Loves v] to [1]