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are manager chats allowed? by MegaMarioBuilder64 in Questions about Scratch

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1: MegaMarioBuilder64 wrote at 1:46:47 PM 15/9/20204419761
yep, it's me again. i've been browsing some studios and i saw that a lot of them had this thing called a “manager chat” and i was wondering if they were allowed. it's basically a place where managers chat in the description of the studio for those who don't know. thanks My browser / operating system: Windows 7, Firefox 80.0, Flash 31.0 (release 0)
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2: fdreerf wrote at 1:49:16 PM 15/9/20204419767
According to this post by Paddle2See, they should be discouraged and can be reported if some abusive behavior shows up.
3: CatsUnited wrote at 1:49:52 PM 15/9/20204419770
The ST have discouraged (but not banned) this practice based on this statement.
4: scratchykit5743 wrote at 4:11:45 PM 15/9/20204420282
it's discouraged, but not banned.
5: mtech22 wrote at 4:12:49 PM 15/9/20204420284
They are allowed, as long as only trustworthy people are allowed to use them. But they are discouraged.
6: Basic88 wrote at 5:15:43 PM 15/9/20204420437
No. You can easily impersonate someone like:
User: I HATE THIS STUDIO!!!!!!!!!!!1
User: I didn't write that!
Owner: Yea u did
7: MegaMarioBuilder64 wrote at 5:29:08 PM 15/9/20204420473
nah man it's probably a rickroll