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Hey! by mybearworld in New Scratchers

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1: mybearworld wrote at 6:41:36 PM 30/7/20204274470
Hello there! :: #C50 hat
I am [mybearworld]. :: #C50
I often were at the website [without v] an account, :: #C50
and now where I have an account, :: #C50
I am already knowing [very much (Scale 1-10: 9) v] about [Scratch]! :: #C50
I hope all (57.333.619) other registered Scratchers have [fun v] and we will :: #C50
build a [great v] [community]! together :: #C50 cap
2: HW_Games wrote at 6:56:04 PM 30/7/20204274533
3: -EloctrasydVirus- wrote at 6:56:30 PM 30/7/20204274534
4: Arsxi_ wrote at 7:37:24 PM 30/7/20204274717
Welcome to Scratch, we're glad you're here!
5: A-qua wrote at 8:45:16 PM 30/7/20204274906
Hello! Welcome to Scratch!
6: PopStarYoda wrote at 9:09:09 PM 30/7/20204274951
Welcome to the Scratch web, mybearworld!
7: leahcimto wrote at 2:34:23 PM 1/8/20204280143
Welcome to Scratch!

Hello mybearworld! Welcome to Scratch! If you have any questions feel free to ask me on my profile, or you can go to the Scratch Welcoming Committee! I hope you enjoy Scratch!