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Hello Scratchists! Byleth_Archbishop initiate enters Scratch by Byleth_Archbishop in New Scratchers

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1: Byleth_Archbishop wrote at 10:31:04 PM 28/7/20204268026
Hi guys, I'm new here but I'm not new to programming. Expect some high grade programs in a lil' while.
2: garnetluvcookie wrote at 11:04:37 PM 28/7/20204268132
Hi! Welcome to Scratch!
3: niceiLucario wrote at 12:36:21 AM 29/7/20204268349
W?a? OH WA
4: Byleth_Archbishop wrote at 12:01:46 PM 29/7/20204269482
Thanks guys. Nice of you to welcome me.
5: _RareScratch2_ wrote at 5:17:08 PM 30/7/20204274083
set [have v] an <<nice> time! [:)]>
6: Arsxi_ wrote at 7:39:49 PM 30/7/20204274727
Welcome to Scratch Byleth_Archbishop!
7: A-qua wrote at 8:40:56 PM 30/7/20204274895
Welcome to Scratch!

I hope you will enjoy Scratch.
8: PopStarYoda wrote at 9:12:16 PM 30/7/20204274962
Welcome to Scratch, Byleth_Archbishop! Hope you enjoy using this platform to program!
9: Byleth_Archbishop wrote at 4:02:21 PM 31/7/20204277213
Thanks. This program's good for making thunder-bolt programs (unlike Python and especially C–I'll be old before I make anything there!).
10: leahcimto wrote at 2:37:20 PM 1/8/20204280152
Welcome to Scratch!

Hello Byleth_Archbishop! Welcome to Scratch! If you have any questions feel free to ask me on my profile, or you can go to the Scratch Welcoming Committee! I hope you enjoy Scratch!