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Want something to happen when you close the game? here's a suggestion by cs3211300 in Suggestions

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1: cs3211300 wrote at 3:37:26 AM 30/6/20204175697
i'm making a multiplayer game and i need the online players to go down when u leave.
i suggest making a “On stop” or something like that
2: whiteandblackcat wrote at 4:30:59 AM 30/6/20204175747
Hi there! This is a rejected suggestion - the Scratch Team aren't going to add it. Here's why:

Za-Chary wrote:

1.2 “When stop sign clicked” hat block
The block below would allow users to click the stop sign to run a script. However, the stop sign is designed to stop all the scripts in the project. With this block in place, more scripts will start when you want the project to stop, thus defeating the purpose of the stop sign. This could also be rather confusing for the “stop all” block. Regardless, there is a workaround that uses the “when (timer) > (number)” hat block; one such workaround can be found in this post.

when stop sign clicked :: events :: hat
3: Giga404 wrote at 8:05:20 AM 30/6/20204175978

Yeah. This is rejected. If you still want to make it, here's the workaround way.