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My suggetions for scratch by Blueberry_Cat_Syrup in Suggestions

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1: Blueberry_Cat_Syrup wrote at 1:58:00 AM 30/6/20204175559
Hi I'm blueberry and wish there were some things added to scratch!

-I wish you could add a effect to make a image to look blurry instead of having to use the pixel effect
-Also wish you could search blocks! it would make things easier (in another coding site like tynker you could search the blocks)
-Could you also add more fonts?
-I also want to be able to search a scratcher without having to go through all the projects to find one of theirs
-are you able to upload a image to scratch in vector?
-I also wish you could add a block to change the costume costume before it instead of Switch Costume to and it would also make it easier for new scratchers!
2: Yeetoburro1 wrote at 2:56:40 AM 30/6/20204175639
You are supposed to make a topic for each suggestion. But aside from that, I really like your suggestions!
3: whiteandblackcat wrote at 3:48:15 AM 30/6/20204175707
It's great that you have some suggestions! In the Suggestions forums, we like to organise suggestions a certain way so they're easier to discuss. We like to separate different suggestions into different topics to keep the topic focused around one thing. We also like to keep the conversation about features to one topic, rather than having ten different topics with the same suggestion.

- I found several topics suggesting this, but it looks like they've all been closed. Feel free to make a new topic to discuss it!

- There's already a discussion about searching through scripts! You can add your ideas and suggestions here. Make sure to post constructive posts, rather than just saying “support” and “no support”!

- You can discuss adding more fonts here. There are also tutorials on how to import your own fonts from google drawings.

- Go to or search
If you really want this to be added, you could make a topic for it! I couldn't find a preexisting topic that really had any discussion on it.

- You can! Here's a tutorial. You can also import an image in bitmap and convert to vector.

- It's pretty unlikely that this will be added, since the workaround's so simple.
4: Blueberry_Cat_Syrup wrote at 4:34:05 AM 30/6/20204175752
Thankyou! And i didnt know you were supposed to make a topic for each suggestion ahaha …
5: whiteandblackcat wrote at 4:41:16 AM 30/6/20204175759

Blueberry_Cat_Syrup wrote:

Thankyou! And i didnt know you were supposed to make a topic for each suggestion ahaha …
That's fine! You know now!
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