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I need an Illustrator!!!!! by -GingerGirl- in Collaboration

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1: -GingerGirl- wrote at 1:05:19 AM 30/6/20204175500
Hi everyone! I need someone who can draw 2 girls who are best friends. One has tan skin, brown hair, green eyes, and glasses. The other has red hair, blue eyes, and freckles. I am writing a story and want to give the readers an idea of what the girls look like. Just put a link in the description of a drawing you have done before and I will pick who will draw the girls. I will give you full credit in the description of the story, I PROMISE!

Have fun and smile!
2: whiteandblackcat wrote at 4:35:25 AM 30/6/20204175754
Try ordering at a shop You make an order, and someone does it for you. You can find shops in the requests forum