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1: Oscile wrote at 7:33:48 PM 3/6/20204087761
Banner by @Adeline324

We offer PFP, Thumbnails, Music, and so much more!

All of the banners below are by @Honeybreeze

Directory.:1. This post

2: Oscile wrote at 12:42:40 AM 5/6/20204092978
Reserved for News/Events
3: Oscile wrote at 1:27:47 AM 5/6/20204093068
Basic Rules

By posting on this forum, then you have to follow these rules.

1. Have integrity, if something doesn't seem right, then don't do it


All staff must follow these rules

1. Do not take orders unless your application is accepted, you must fill out a forum to get your application excepted.
2. If a worker does not respond to an activity check, then he/she will have a strike.
3. Staf must follow the thread
4. Staff must clearly state that they have claimed the order.
5.If a member of staff does not follow these rules then they will reserve a strike.

1. All customers must fill out the order form correctly.
2. If an order is claimed by a worker it cannot be taken by anyone else unless that worker cannot work on it anymore.
3.The codeword is Fun
4. If an order is filled out correctly and no worker has taken it in an hour of time it will be put in the UOC

Strikes and bans

1. If you receive 3 strikes then you get banned for however long seems necessary.
2. Being banned means if you cant post on the shops topic or its studio.
3. Doing so will make a ban last longer.
4. Both workers and customers can be banned.


1. Fill out the forum to become a partner!
2. We will join any federations/currency or partner as long as it benefits us
3. The owner of the shop MUST want to partner with us
4. Anyone who wants to partner with us Must be following the thread


1. Elections will be held when there is a vacant space.
2. Elections will be counted as activity checks
3. If a Bod gets two strikes they will be kicked of and rule 1 will take into place

Pratice Orders

1. Practice orders are ONLYissued by the president and other Bod members
2. They can be taken by anyone, unless they have a Tranee only on there description, with as the name describes only trainees can take them

The real codeword is Kayak . This codeword is used for applications only.

4: Oscile wrote at 3:01:59 AM 5/6/20204093297

Join form
What you offer:
Why we should choose you:
How long you've been on scratch:
How active you are on scratch (1-10):

Order form

When you want it done:
Work you want to do:
When you want it done:
Colors (If art) :


Shop name:
Banner (If any):
Why we should partner with you:


Who took your order:
Rating (1-10):
How long did it take to complete your order:
What you would improve:

Leave Form
Why your leaving:
When you're going to be back:

5: Oscile wrote at 6:52:07 AM 5/6/20204093699

Beginner box
1 pfp
1 thumbnail
1 review

Expert box

5 thumbnails
2 strings code

Request boxes, we need ideas!
6: Oscile wrote at 3:43:51 PM 5/6/20204094583

None yet fill out a form to partner with us!

We are however in a Federation

7: Oscile wrote at 3:45:50 PM 5/6/20204094590

None yet
8: Oscile wrote at 3:48:01 PM 5/6/20204094600

None yet
9: Oscile wrote at 5:18:22 PM 5/6/20204094981

Owner: @Oscile (Oz)
Co-Owner: VACANT
Customer Service: VACANT

Adventurers :

Oscile: She/her Pfp, Reviews, Coding, Ads, Art

Adventures in training:
10: -MysticRose- wrote at 8:32:46 PM 5/6/20204095857
Please credit @honeybreeze for your forum headers
11: Oscile wrote at 12:45:16 AM 6/6/20204096673

-MysticRose- wrote:

Please credit @honeybreeze for your forum headers
Got it
12: Oscile wrote at 2:33:40 AM 6/6/20204096905
13: Spritesmasher wrote at 1:14:57 PM 6/6/20204097763
hello, cool shop!
first thing tho. the banner's words are a bit hard to see so you can work on that.
and a few things are incorrectly spelled like the first post you spelled derectory insted of directory.
14: Oscile wrote at 11:48:38 PM 6/6/20204099428
15: Oscile wrote at 5:07:54 PM 7/6/20204101073
16: Oscile wrote at 5:17:17 PM 7/6/20204101096
17: Oscile wrote at 5:10:07 PM 8/6/20204103854

Spritesmasher wrote:

hello, cool shop!
Yes, I get an F on all on my selling tests
18: Spritesmasher wrote at 5:38:02 AM 9/6/20204105986

Oscile wrote:

Spritesmasher wrote:

hello, cool shop!
Yes, I get an F on all on my selling tests
19: andyman11 wrote at 6:59:31 PM 12/6/20204118431
Your Federation icon is like this, and it will not display properly, it can be fixed by turning
20: GSqueezydaddy wrote at 7:04:29 PM 12/6/20204118449

andyman11 wrote:

Your Federation icon is like this, and it will not display properly, it can be fixed by turning
how did you put the link in that little box thing so it didnt show an image