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Wierd Glitch by ZanePlayer in Help With Scripts

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1: ZanePlayer wrote at 1:26:21 PM 15/5/20204015705
so for some reason when the project starts, the car moves up
can you help me fix it plz.
here is the link
2: deck26 wrote at 1:38:27 PM 15/5/20204015754
Not shared by the look of things.
3: ZanePlayer wrote at 1:39:54 PM 15/5/20204015761
i shared it now
4: deck26 wrote at 1:43:21 PM 15/5/20204015769
Well if you only call Render Car once rather in a forever loop the y position changes to 54 so why is that?

Looks to me like you need to ensure y is the same at the end of the custom block as it is at the start.
5: Oumuamua wrote at 1:56:10 PM 15/5/20204015801