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I'm making a pendulum which moves with the mouse by quangdieu in Help With Scripts

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1: quangdieu wrote at 11:43:51 AM 15/5/20204015449
I'm new to physics on scratch, can somebody help me
2: Scratch-Minion wrote at 11:48:11 AM 15/5/20204015459
You could draw your pendulum costume with the pivot point (ie. the top) of the pendulum at the centre of the pendulum costume.

Then you could use:

point towards [mouse-pointer v]
3: quangdieu wrote at 11:50:14 AM 15/5/20204015463
what about the gravity
i'm stuck with making the gravity
4: Oumuamua wrote at 2:06:09 PM 15/5/20204015836
You haven't any pendulum project shared, i think.
5: deck26 wrote at 2:34:04 PM 15/5/20204015936
6: PutneyCat wrote at 2:36:44 PM 15/5/20204015949
As per @Scratch-Minion, draw the pendulum with the top of the pendulum at the centre of the costume.
Draw the rest of it horizontally to the right, rather than down (works better with the script below).
Then this may be along the lines of what you want:

if <mouse down?> then
set [angular speed v] to [0]
point towards [mouse pointer v]
change [angular speed v] by ([sin v] of (direction))
turn cw (angular speed) degrees