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Scratch Month is here! by ceebee in Announcements

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1: ceebee wrote at 1:22:48 PM 4/5/20203981800
Hi folks!

The first few activities of Scratch Month are here! You can find them below or on the featured studios row:

Recycling Bin Crafts
Scratch Avatar Creators
Share the Love

Stay tuned for more activities next week. What will you create?

2: Barnabas2009 wrote at 1:28:53 PM 4/5/20203981815
3: TheWinner437 wrote at 1:29:15 PM 4/5/20203981817
Nice. I'm making something too.

also second
4: Suit1234 wrote at 1:29:39 PM 4/5/20203981818
Cool …but I can't see them in the featured studio row…
5: ceebee wrote at 1:31:05 PM 4/5/20203981822

Suit1234 wrote:

Cool …but I can't see them in the featured studio row…
It can take a little time for the front page to refresh - but they will be there soon. Until then, you can find links to the studios above
6: stasevich wrote at 1:31:05 PM 4/5/20203981823
7: Rafciokil wrote at 1:34:01 PM 4/5/20203981834
8: FOXTHECOOKIE wrote at 1:34:05 PM 4/5/20203981835
yay may isn't bad so far
9: octave09 wrote at 1:34:09 PM 4/5/20203981837
10: GaBamaBoy wrote at 1:34:18 PM 4/5/20203981839
happy star wars day everyone
11: GaBamaBoy wrote at 1:35:23 PM 4/5/20203981843
when green flag clicked
say [its scratch month *yay*]
12: stasevich wrote at 1:35:54 PM 4/5/20203981845
13: FOXTHECOOKIE wrote at 1:36:07 PM 4/5/20203981846


yay may isn't bad so far
so far
14: gwenevereh2029 wrote at 1:36:45 PM 4/5/20203981848


15: GaBamaBoy wrote at 1:36:45 PM 4/5/20203981849
16: neos109 wrote at 1:37:28 PM 4/5/20203981853
at least i get to celebrate scratch month before this forum gets flooded with comments
17: CleverComment wrote at 1:37:40 PM 4/5/20203981855
I'm so excited!!
18: TheYellowPixel wrote at 1:38:22 PM 4/5/20203981857
Yay! I am super excited!
19: gwenevereh2029 wrote at 1:38:32 PM 4/5/20203981858
say [Scratch rocks.]
20: countdown8900 wrote at 1:39:21 PM 4/5/20203981860
In excited cant wait to have fun