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Stop filtering numbers beginning with the digits 1 8 by bowsertendo666a in Suggestions

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1: bowsertendo666a wrote at 4:25:30 AM 26/3/20203889840
Can you stop filtering numbers beginning with 1 8? For example, on Scratch's Ultimate Challenge 2, it filters 18, and 18x. Can you improve the filter?
2: DownsGameClub wrote at 9:21:53 AM 26/3/20203889882
Unfortunately, 18 is the common prefix for US Toll free numbers. I'm not sure if they're going to white list that.
Maybe expanding it to 1800 or something like that would work better.
3: bowsertendo666a wrote at 2:16:25 PM 26/3/20203890337
Can the filter stop filtering numbers beginning with 1 8 for foreigners?