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Public Account [Works] by Explosive_Noob12345 in Show and Tell

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1: Explosive_Noob12345 wrote at 1:35:25 AM 26/3/20203889658
Ok this is a public account. Just in case.

It can help slow down hackers. It also helps the scratch team.

username: _Public_Account_
pass: password123
2: Explosive_Noob12345 wrote at 1:36:31 AM 26/3/20203889660
Just don't violate Scratch Terms of Service
3: barcode2 wrote at 1:52:51 AM 26/3/20203889679
to login its simple but its a test to see how hackers enter in hards password
4: Explosive_Noob12345 wrote at 2:01:42 AM 26/3/20203889685
When I tried your version it didn't work.
5: _Public_Account_ wrote at 2:05:08 AM 26/3/20203889690
So i made my own.
6: _Public_Account_ wrote at 2:10:22 AM 26/3/20203889697
Sign in to _Public_Account_ and then after that go to Public Hacker Test.

you can only use link after you sign in
7: Explosive_Noob12345 wrote at 4:20:14 AM 26/3/20203889836
I am very sorry guys…. This test will have to wait sometime. Why? Because someone thought it would be funny to change the password of the account _Public_Account_

After I reset it we will continue this test.
8: Explosive_Noob12345 wrote at 4:32:15 AM 26/3/20203889845
This will work though. In the meantime check out this thread

It's about a test I am doing. It's to test the effectiveness of reports in Scratch.
9: joshuaho wrote at 9:28:40 AM 26/3/20203889884
Hmm… that kind of falls under the category of a “shared account”, which is strongly discouraged. There's always the possibility that a user can log into the account and use it to break the Community Guidelines, which could result in the account (and others associated with it) being blocked. To prevent that from happening, there should only be one person running the account.

If you're the owner of that account, then please change your password immediately and make sure that no one else other than you knows it.

The best way to prevent “hacking” would be to have a secure account password that is not known to anyone other than the actual account owner. Also, users should always sign out of their Scratch account when its not being used, so others won't have access to it.
10: Paddle2See wrote at 8:14:23 AM 26/3/20203889977
Please do not make public accounts. They are quickly abused and will be blocked by the Scratch Team.