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Large Sprites & Change Size By (x>150) by GlueGourmand in Help With Scripts

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1: GlueGourmand wrote at 8:13:51 PM 8/3/20203866092
Dear Scratch Community:

I've been working on a project with a scrolling background, but I can't get the Scratch Desktop client to accept a size larger than 150% for tall sprites. The initial plan was to make a very tall sprite for each level, then scroll it vertically as part of a background.

Smaller, square sprites (as tested in the project) seem able to be scaled up to thousands of percent size. A tall sprite (100 pixel width*1000 pixel height, or 1000 pixel width*5000 pixel height)) seems to lock at 150%, and there seems to be an automatic resizing function that means that even if the sprite is thousands of pixels wide, it will be automatically shrunk down so that it cannot cover the stage. This means that background scrolling, at least in the simple way I'm trying to do it, is not possible for large vertical background sprites.

Is there something I'm missing regarding the nuance of how these functions work, or is another method required to load tall sprites for vertical scrolling?


2: DrGaming_92Games wrote at 8:36:38 PM 8/3/20203866109
This is a video by griffpatch that goes over basic scrolling, you can modify it so that it functions vertically instead of horizontally.
3: GlueGourmand wrote at 2:25:00 PM 9/3/20203866772
Thanks a million… still learning where the edges of the system are. I'll check out the griffpatch video immediately.

4: GlueGourmand wrote at 4:41:07 PM 11/3/20203869372
Many thanks to for the solution to the sprite scaling problem in another thread. If you have a sprite that won't upsize past 150% or won't fill the stage, here is the workaround:

Set sprite costume to
Set sprite size to
Set sprite costume to

Thanks again,
5: mine_a_bearyt wrote at 10:39:32 PM 17/10/20204514780
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6: mine_a_bearyt wrote at 10:49:34 PM 17/10/20204514807
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