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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator: Sandbox ~ Changelog by EnderPlaySmash in Show and Tell

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1: EnderPlaySmash wrote at 2:48:29 PM 14/2/20203839694
The official changelog for TABS: Sandbox on Scratch. This contains everything from v1.0 to the end of v2.5.2. Updates from 3.0 onward are available on the project itself:

Dates are written M/D/Y

6/12/19 2.5.2: Costume fixes.

5/31/19 2.5.1: Bug fixes, fixed blue team's factions. Some of you have asked about having troops from separate factions face off, but unfortunately due to Scratch's sprite cloning system I'm unable to add this.

5/14/19 2.5: CommunityMods! I've added three user factions and two sets of locations. If you've remixed this project and want your characters in the game, let me know in the comments or on my profile!

4/8/19 2.4: Optimized to better match the release of the full game, bug fixes and new locations.

5/11/18 2.3.1: Bug Fixes, slight changes. Reverted location change to “L”.

4/11/18: 130K views


3/1/18: 90K views! Thanks everyone!

1/14/18: 80K views!

1/2/18: 200 favorites!

12/4/17: 70,000 views!

10/19/17: 60,000 views! Amazing!

9/18/17 2.3: I've decided that this project is too popular to leave to ruins. I've revamped everything including character design, locations, interface,
collisions, and the BattleEngine. It's practically a new project! Hope you enjoy!

8/17/17: Wow… 50,000 views… I'm speechless. definitely don't deserve these many views… thanks anyway!

6/17/17: Thank you all so much for all the views! 36,000! Crazy!

6/17/17: 2.1: Lots and lots of bug fixes. Also; this project is very old and will no longer be updated. If you want more like this or a better version, I
suggest you try my Ballistic Brawl game.

6/12/17: 100 favorites? Awesome!

5/23/17: Game finalized and finished.

5/20/17: 30,000 views! Crazy!

5/14/17 2.0.1: Bug fixes.

2/26/17 2.0: Completely new scripts, costumes and a Super Peasant! This also increased the lag.

12/28/16 1.3: Retextured locations, added Neon location and replaced Chicken Man Man with Dark Peasant.

12/15/16 1.2.1: Fixed locations and fixed Chicken Man Man spawn.

12/5/16 1.2: Improved fighting, fixed bugs, changed thumbnail.

11/4/16: 2000 VIEWS! Thank you Scratch community!

10/11/16 1.1: Chicken Man Man! + press “L” to change location.

10/3/16: 1000 VIEWS! Thank you all for your support!

9/23/16: 500 VIEWS! Thank you so much!

9/12/16 1.0: Original game posted with peasants and grass location.

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