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Paint Editor Update: Costume Centering Tool by Mr_blond_man in Announcements

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61: prettyprinsisgirl wrote at 9:26:50 PM 13/2/20203838210

ceebee wrote:

Hi folks,

We’re excited to share with you an update to the Scratch Paint Editor!

So, what’s new?

You can now align your artwork to the canvas center more precisely. You can do this by clicking your artwork and dragging it towards the center crosshair symbol:

The paint editor will automatically align your artwork when your artwork gets close to the canvas center.

Thanks for all your continued feedback and stay tuned for more updates in the future!

Scratch On!
62: ComputerCole wrote at 9:27:44 PM 13/2/20203838211
Cool! Thanks ceebee!
63: QueenShireen wrote at 9:28:10 PM 13/2/20203838212
this will help everyone so much! thx, @ceebee
64: CatAdamScratch43 wrote at 9:28:19 PM 13/2/20203838213
thank you so much i needed this
play sound [ confetti v] until done
65: ianharrigan wrote at 9:28:35 PM 13/2/20203838214
66: itzrare wrote at 9:28:44 PM 13/2/20203838215
You have NO idea how much I've wanted this, THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
67: ojm09 wrote at 9:28:45 PM 13/2/20203838216
hmmm i dont do art anyways
68: prettyprinsisgirl wrote at 9:29:03 PM 13/2/20203838217
Nice! That'll be very helpful! keep up the good work!
say [] for (2) secs
69: MarvelouzTube wrote at 9:29:19 PM 13/2/20203838218
when green flag clicked
rest for () beats
stop all sounds
say []
70: newtimerwitharea51 wrote at 9:29:51 PM 13/2/20203838219

hadujyarg wrote:

say [i hop tis works}
71: _PERIDOT__ wrote at 9:29:57 PM 13/2/20203838220
nice update
72: muui wrote at 9:30:16 PM 13/2/20203838221
73: Aubeli wrote at 9:30:20 PM 13/2/20203838222
74: ostunilima wrote at 9:30:34 PM 13/2/20203838223
Nice i always was needing that!
75: Terra_Knight wrote at 9:31:18 PM 13/2/20203838224
76: EPhC4 wrote at 9:31:59 PM 13/2/20203838225
77: boogerburger wrote at 9:32:00 PM 13/2/20203838226
Looks pretty useful, actually! Haven't noticed it before.

78: Mario_1000 wrote at 9:32:05 PM 13/2/20203838227
This is actually really helpful, thank you!
79: LadyScientist wrote at 9:32:17 PM 13/2/20203838228
cool! i still think the editor needs more features like layers and more brushes, but this is a nice feature for people who use the scratch editor!
80: MarvelouzTube wrote at 9:32:48 PM 13/2/20203838229
when green flag clicked
next costume