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Paint Editor Update: Costume Centering Tool by Mr_blond_man in Announcements

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21: tuesday2 wrote at 9:10:52 PM 13/2/20203838160
Oh sweet! Thank you so much, Scratch team!!
22: Life_Tutor wrote at 9:11:00 PM 13/2/20203838161
23: SuperScratchKreader wrote at 9:12:27 PM 13/2/20203838163
Keep up the good work, guys! (Add auto-center from 2.0 next.)
24: cs515774 wrote at 9:12:42 PM 13/2/20203838164
Nice! This would be so helpful! :DBut it might make animation harder. :|
25: Paddle2See wrote at 9:12:48 PM 13/2/20203838165

aquariantroll wrote:

okay this might make animating harder
How so?
26: finnagin5 wrote at 9:13:10 PM 13/2/20203838167
um, YES.
when green flag clicked

<[scratch3] > [scratch2]>
27: vannagirlie wrote at 9:13:45 PM 13/2/20203838168
woah I might use this
28: SuperScratchKreader wrote at 9:14:00 PM 13/2/20203838169

Paddle2See wrote:

aquariantroll wrote:

okay this might make animating harder
How so?
Hmmm… I disagree with @aquariantroll. This will make Lemonadery Rerolled easier to make. Thanks!
29: m_navya wrote at 9:14:16 PM 13/2/20203838170
I needed this XD Honestly Thank you!!
30: LexDoesGames wrote at 9:14:34 PM 13/2/20203838171

EchoFocusGaming wrote:

THIS IS AWESOME!!!!! HAVE BEEN WAIting FOR thIS SINCE SCRATCH 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
You've only've been here since 2.0, unless you have an alternate account.
31: spocite wrote at 9:14:56 PM 13/2/20203838173
32: ljramador wrote at 9:15:20 PM 13/2/20203838174
Dear, @ceebee,

I would love this Paint Editor to happen! If you can, could you please make an anime thing. I would love to learn how to make an anime series! So please (if you can) make an anime thing so I can learn how to do so, and then make an anime series.

Yours Truly,
33: Pixelhead3D wrote at 9:16:48 PM 13/2/20203838175
i just recently noticed that!
34: RackTheHedgehog123 wrote at 9:16:51 PM 13/2/20203838176
i saw that after these news started!
35: 30Jazy wrote at 9:17:09 PM 13/2/20203838177
I love this feature a lot!
36: Fcps_Reterns wrote at 9:17:23 PM 13/2/20203838178
Nice! this is actually pretty useful
37: XStarfireX wrote at 9:17:32 PM 13/2/20203838179
Thats cool!!! I just used it, And it helps!
38: Wowg33 wrote at 9:17:35 PM 13/2/20203838181
I’ve wanted this feature for a very long time! Thanks so much!
set [happiness] to [100%]
39: RackTheHedgehog123 wrote at 9:18:17 PM 13/2/20203838182
Yay A New Update Finnaly
40: HarpGirl wrote at 9:18:29 PM 13/2/20203838183
Yay! Thank you scratch team!