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Paint Editor Update: Costume Centering Tool by Mr_blond_man in Announcements

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1: Mr_blond_man wrote at 8:42:39 PM 13/2/20203838124
That’s actually pretty cool also I just recently noticed that
2: yeetmario wrote at 9:06:10 PM 13/2/20203838137
3: gamema5ter567 wrote at 9:06:15 PM 13/2/20203838139
4: Epitenomics wrote at 9:06:44 PM 13/2/20203838140
5: MRVR_studios wrote at 9:06:54 PM 13/2/20203838141
nice feature!
luv it!

verrrrry useful
thx for this update
update on lol
6: EchoFocusGaming wrote at 9:07:21 PM 13/2/20203838142
THIS IS AWESOME!!!!! HAVE BEEN WAIting FOR thIS SINCE SCRATCH 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
7: codershane wrote at 9:07:40 PM 13/2/20203838144
YES!!! FINALLY!!!!!!! Ive been waiting for scratch to add this feature once it was removed from 2.0 to 3.0!!!
8: aquariantroll wrote at 9:08:07 PM 13/2/20203838145
okay this might make animating harder
9: kawaii1235 wrote at 9:08:08 PM 13/2/20203838146
10: freefall79 wrote at 9:08:15 PM 13/2/20203838147
11: Moosey_Coder106 wrote at 9:08:16 PM 13/2/20203838148
Wow cool! That will be useful!
12: -ShadowsHiding- wrote at 9:08:26 PM 13/2/20203838149
Great! I know this goes in debugging as a separate post, but can you please try to work on the vertical line costumes disappearing glitch next? I know you probably won't, but if you do, thanks!
13: Testimesout33 wrote at 9:08:35 PM 13/2/20203838150
ok ceebee
define ceebee rocks
pen down
move (pick random (1) to (10)) steps
turn cw (pick random (-360) to (360)) degrees
14: chickenuggetCat7 wrote at 9:09:03 PM 13/2/20203838152
That's a great idea! Thanks for the update!
15: master_meow wrote at 9:09:13 PM 13/2/20203838153

ceebee wrote:

Hi folks,

We’re excited to share with you an update to the Scratch Paint Editor!

So, what’s new?

You can now align your artwork to the canvas center more precisely. You can do this by clicking your artwork and dragging it towards the center crosshair symbol:

The paint editor will automatically align your artwork when your artwork gets close to the canvas center.

Thanks for all your continued feedback and stay tuned for more updates in the future!

Scratch On!
16: SaveTheEarthNow wrote at 9:09:22 PM 13/2/20203838155
Man, this will be soo much easier. Thanks! Loooking forward to more updates!
17: WaterComesBack wrote at 9:10:12 PM 13/2/20203838156
Yay! Thank you!
18: BlueNoodle29 wrote at 9:10:35 PM 13/2/20203838157
19: Terra_Knight wrote at 9:10:43 PM 13/2/20203838158
Hey that's pretty neat I won't have to worry anymore!
move (just about enough) steps

I'm also about to make a Scratch Update suggestion.
20: ScratchUsername87493 wrote at 9:10:47 PM 13/2/20203838159

Mr_blond_man wrote:

That’s actually pretty cool also I just recently noticed that
same here