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miaou language by octave09 in Questions about Scratch

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1: octave09 wrote at 10:41:54 AM 16/5/20193547975
Why don't we have miaou language in scratch 3.0
2: Truck11111 wrote at 11:04:39 AM 16/5/20193547990
no offense but what even is that
3: octave09 wrote at 11:08:18 AM 16/5/20193547994
it is a language in scratch 2.0
4: zafzaf wrote at 11:09:14 AM 16/5/20193547996
it was removed because there was technically no need for it
5: Za-Chary wrote at 11:13:43 AM 16/5/20193547999
More specifically, here are some other Scratch Team members' explanations on it.

thisandagain wrote:

Ah! Yes, the “Edible” and “Meow” languages were removed because a) they were always intended to be temporary b) they were causing problems for volunteer translators in our translations system called Transifex.

Because they are not real languages they could not be imported into our system for localization which meant that bugs in those two languages were a common occurrence and we would have had to build a whole system for tracking changes around them.

ceebee wrote:

Edible Scratch and Meow were removed because the translation system we use, unfortunately, doesn't recognize joke languages. But it is much better for translations, which is awesome because it means more people around the world will be able to use Scratch more easily