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2-player platformer jumping problem by EnderBreath in Help With Scripts

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1: EnderBreath wrote at 1:40:25 AM 13/3/20183023606
Hi, I am making a 2-player platformer/shooter, inspired by the web game Gun Mayhem, and I have (copied) a movement and jumping script, and one of the two players controls both the players' jumping movement. In other words, when I tap the up arrow to control player2's jumping, both the sprites jump, despite the fact that I have set ‘w’ to make player1 jump. I have quadruple-checked the scripts to make sure I haven't made a simple mistake, but I'm sure it's all fine. Could someone please help me?

The game:

EDIT: Nvm, I found the problem
2: Gasimini wrote at 7:53:13 PM 16/3/20183027719
Hey !
Apparently, you've found the solution, so a tip, close this topic: it will prevent other scratchers to look at it and take care of it
3: Gasimini wrote at 7:54:14 PM 16/3/20183027720
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Gasimini is dumb
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