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MazersPack wrote in Can't see all curators at 6:55:53 PM 16/9/2020

BluezStackers wrote:

My browser / operating system: ChromeOS 13020.87.0, Chrome 83.0.4103.119, No Flash version detected

In studios with 60+ curators, it doesn't show the rest. Only the first curator page.
Because it is me. My studios can show the rest! You must talent with me!
I put this embed:
when this sprite clicked
if <(Curators) > [60]> then
switch costume to [Page 2 v]
switch costume to [Page 1 v]
hide other pages

So you must talent!
when backdrop switches to [Talent v]
set [TIME v] to [150]
set [HP/HP v] to [(join (foo) (☁ score))]

Now, if I die.

switch backdrop to [Finish v]
say [Stop!] for (2) secs
if <(foo) = [0]> then
say [Winner!] for (2) secs
say [You will rest the curators!] for (2) secs
Now, if you die.
switch backdrop to [Finish v]
say [Stop!] for (2) secs
if <(☁ score) = [0]> then
say [Lose!] for (2) secs
say [Stop confirm email NOW!] for (2) secs
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