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I'm sorry, but this is rejected.
2.4 Revert back to older versions of Scratch
Scratch has to update sometimes in order to accommodate for certain changes. In particular, an online editor that ran off of Adobe Flash (rather than Java) was added in Scratch 2.0, and Scratch 3.0 was created for tablet support and in anticipation of the discontinuation of Flash. Changing the editor back to these older versions of Scratch would not only undo years of hard work by the Scratch Team, but they also might not work online anymore. If you wish, you can download the Scratch 1.4 and Scratch 2.0 offline editors.

In the future, please read The Official List Of Rejected Suggestions before you post
I say it's not rejected, but it's pretty close. OP only wants to change the looks of the blocks to a 2.0 look.
Yes of course
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