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MazersPack wrote in I cannot put a comment. at 7:52:32 AM 16/9/2020

lovepup3 wrote:

maybe somthing happened with the system
Nah, not maybe somthing happened with the system! This!
when [CTRL+V] key pressed
say [XXXXXXXXXXXX Copied] for (2) secs
set [Comment v] to [XXXXXXXXXXXX Times. WHAT?]
wait until <Enter key pressed>
show variable [Load v]
set [Load v] to [Load failed. Because of embed -->]
when [ENTER v] key pressed
add [<refusealways/comment>] to [list of embed v]
add [] to [Comment v]
set [foo v] to [1]
if <(foo) = [1]> then
switch backdrop to [BOOM v]
say [dang comment fail.] for (2) secs
hide list [embed v]
wait until <Challenge go>
set [time v] to [30]
set [You hp, CPI HP v] to [3/3, 3/3]
repeat (60)
wait (1) secs
change [time] by (-1)
say [game over you not repair embed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!] for (2) secs

say [success comment!] for (2) secs
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