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ShivBane wrote in Life Isn't A Bed Of Heather!!! at 5:47:14 AM 15/9/2020

-Magnificence- wrote:

Guys, i'm sorry, but i need to say something. I'm having personal problems, school is getting in the way, i'm getting stressed. I'm sorry, but i can't do Lily, atleast not for now. I wanna fix a personal problem first, before having to do Lily, and i might take part in #OperationInactivty. Due to some personal reasons, i'll be having to leave scratch for a bit. I have school, and that's the most important thing right now to be doing. You can enter my DTAS, but results won't be coming anytime soon, unless i fix the “personal” problem. Have a good day/night. I'm sorry if i'm entering a movie, but i really need to go.
Okay, I'll see what i can do, Thanks for informing me before we got started.
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