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k9chelsea2 wrote in how to teach kids Scratch? at 2:40:53 PM 1/8/2020
1. theres a book by carol vordweman or whattevevr
2. personnally 8-11 from there kids might want to learn actual programming
3. Just teach them things that might help with other languages because scratch is supposed to help people to learn coding, explain what a varable is and give example in stuff like python or maybe pseadocode that will still make sense so that the kids can understand what those things would do in real programming
4, i don't know, but I myself am making a website (on wix might try do it in html as I find html 10 times easier than wix) on that as theres a lot of confusion on how to use scratch and what its used for
5. idkn hwoever theres a for parent and for educators section in the footer, you might want to check that out
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