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ToadfanSchool wrote in Super Mike Maker - Level Sharing Topic at 11:15:59 AM 5/7/2020
Made something cool with Super Mike Maker? Share your level codes here!


This topic is for people who have made levels using my Super Mike Maker project and want to share them with the community.

How do I get my level code?
  • From the level editor, press the data button on the right side of the screen, just below the eraser.
  • The data menu will open. Press the save button.
  • Triple-click the string of random symbols at the bottom of the screen to ensure it's fully highlighted.
  • Press Control+C (on Windows) or Command+C (on Mac) to copy the level code.
  • You've now got your level code! Paste it somewhere safe or into this topic.

To post your code, simply leave a reply in this topic. If you want to post multiple levels, it's recommend you remix the level list template, add your own level codes and post the link to it here.

How do I play/load a level code?
  • Double-click a level code within a box to fully highlight it.
  • Press Control+C (on Windows) or Command+C (on Mac) to copy it.
  • Head over to Super Mike Maker. Once you've passed the title screen, click “play” then “load a level code”.
  • Paste in the level code then press enter on your keyboard or the tick icon.
  • If the code wasn't damaged or modified, then it should load. If it was, an error sound will play.

Community Highlights

If a level I play impresses me, then there's a chance I'll add it to the Community Highlights tab in-game! You will be credited, of course.
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