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Preferred Pronouns: (Ex. she/her, he/him, they/them) it
Work you want done: (Ex. logos, scripting, music) art
Description of work: Profile Picture for Scratch
Colors (if art): Green, Black
Deadline: June 31st or before
Are you following this discussion (optional): yes
Any more information: I want the Profile Picture to look like a programmer picture.

Username: DarthVader4Life
Preferred Pronouns: he/him
Work you want done: art
Description of work: pfp
Colors (if art): black, grey, red.
Deadline: July 10th, tho if you need more time lemmie know.
Are you following this discussion (optional): no, If i were applying i would tho.
If you're not following, where should we contact you?: My profile.
Any more Information: Chair, i wish for it to be Chair.

All of these are taken by @Oscile
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