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whiteandblackcat wrote in copy to clipboard/copy block at 10:14:53 AM 30/6/2020

-Accio- wrote:

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While this could be useful in the circumstance you said, that circumstance is pretty specific, and there aren't many other times when this would be useful. Also, this could have the (although small) possibility for private messaging, using something like the script below.

when green flag clicked
if <(username) = [-Accio-]> then
copy [Private Message] to clipboard::control
You could do the same thing with
When green flag clicked
if <(username) = [whiteandblackcat]> then
say [Private Message]
but because anyone could see it by going inside the project, it's ok.
Although I do think there would definitely need to be a confirmation message, such as "Copy to clipboard?"
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