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I have a few questions about each block, so I'll separate them into quote boxes for readability
clear transformations::pen
In my understanding, this block would set everything back to 100%, or what it looked like before you made any transformations. Pretty straightforward.

Would the
clear graphic effects
block also clear transformations?

set [right v] scale to (100)% ::pen
change [right v] scale by (10)%::pen
It occurred to me that the size blocks leave the % symbol off the “change” block. For consistency, I'm thinking it might be good to change this to
change [right v] scale by (10)::pen
But that might just be me nitpicking

In my understanding, this would grow or shrink the length of one specific edge, while stretching the contents? Like moving two corners on an edge further away from each other, or as if that edge were getting much closer or further away to the viewer.

set [vertical v] scale to (100)%::pen
change [vertical v] scale by (10)%::pen
Nitpicking again, but I think the same as above; in that I don't think the % symbol should be there in the second block.

Also, don't these blocks just do the same as this?
shift [bottom v] side [vertically v] by (10)::pen
I think it's confusing having two pairs of blocks that look similar and just have different options, and that the second ones should be renamed or could even be removed.

reset [right v] shift::pen
shift [right v] side [vertically v] by (10)::pen
These seem perfectly straightforward to me; they just move an entire edge. I presume “10” would correlate to 10 points in scratch's coordinate system, or moving, say, the top right corner from y=10 to y=20?

([right v] scale ::pen)
No questions here

([horizontal v] shift of [right v] side::pen)
Would this just return the total amount you've shifted the right side, or would it include any uses of the
change [vertical v] scale be (10)%::pen
blocks? If not, would there be a way to detect the vertical scale?

<flipped [vertically v]? ::pen>
Would this ask if the costume were flipped at all (say, through use of rotation blocks) or only if you'd flipped it using transform blocks?
also sorry for using pen instead of a custom color, I'm lazy :P
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